Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sticky Chicken

Chicken legs are a favorite in our house. And by our house, I mean 4ft. He loves chicken legs. And these are his favorite. Sweet, tangy, and best of all sticky. And I love that they're seriously easy to throw together and taste like they were major effort. 

As 4ft was devouring his chicken he told me I should make them for Thanksgiving. That's my boy, always thinking ahead. I always start planning holiday meals in summer. What? Everyone does that, right? They don't? What's wrong with you people? It's more fun to start the stressing and food line-up in July. gives you lots of time to tweak on the whole process. I live for food tweaking. Doesn't everyone?

Anyway, So it got me thinking that turkey legs would be awesome roasted in this sauce too. I wonder if you can just buy turkey legs? If not, I wonder how much my family would complain if I roasted the whole bird in this sauce. I bet it would be amazing.

Great, now I want sticky turkey legs. Thanks a lot 4ft! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bruschetta Chicken w/Bacon

A hundred years ago (okay, so maybe it was only a month or two) my sister was bragging about making Bruschetta chicken and I was jealous. Since then I've whined about how she hasn't made it again and drove it to my house at least once a week. You'd think she'd cave and do just to shut me up, no such luck. She's as stubborn as me. Brat kid that she is.

Well last Friday, I found my Farm Fresh To You box on my porch filled with tomatoes. Heirloom (which unfortunately were mashed and bad -- damn them), slicing, and a huge basket filled with cherry tomatoes. HA! KELSEY! I can make my own Bruschetta chicken now and it's going to be better-er than yours. (No, no sibling rivalry here)

So on Saturday I sliced them in halves and marinated them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, parsley, and garlic. I was going to cook the dish on Sunday but I ended up going to an Origami Owl party (bought some super cute charms) and by the time I got home it was too late to cook. So I made it yesterday. It looks seriously impressive but really it's totally not that hard to make. I strongly urge you to marinate your tomatoes ahead of time. The longer they sit the more splendiferous they are. 4ft ate this. He hates tomatoes unless it's ketchup, barbecue sauce, or marinara and he inhaled this. 

And yes, Kelsey, my Bruschetta chicken is better than yours because...

Everything is better with BACON!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jalapeno Popper Cauliflower Casserole

Jalapeno Popper Cauliflower Casserole is one of my favorite go to side dishes and you have got to try it! It's like mashed potatoes on steroids except like way better for you because it's made from cauliflower and not potatoes. It's a great side dish with grilled chicken or meat, or a main course with a salad, or as leftovers -- it's delicious rolled up in sliced turkey lunch meat. 

4ft loves it and asks for it all the time. Even the husband who hates all things cauliflower says it's not bad and will eat it if it's there. The Littles thumb their noses up at it but they don't like mashed potatoes at all either and that's what they think it is.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Banana Nut Bread Granola

I had bananas dying a slow and agonizing death on my counter. Since Bear, it's not very often that bananas get that level of disgustingly ripe (I can't eat a banana unless the yellow peel has some green tint to it, the second they get totally yellow and brownish spots I can't eat them), she usually eats them all. So I was excited I actually had two really gross bananas crying to be put out of their misery to play with. I thought about bread but it was kind of a meh idea. I decided to make some banana biscotti with it but when I was getting the ingredients I saw the oats. And that is how they say is that.

OMB people! This stuff is like crack. I'm completely addicted. It's splendiferous all by itself but add it to some yogurt with fruit (my favorite being vanilla greek yogurt with fresh blueberries) and it's magically splendiferous. I can't get enough of it. It smells and tastes like banana bread with a crunchy granola texture. It's an entire mouth feel extravaganza (yeah, I've been watching cooking shows

You should absolutely try this, but know up front you will be addicted. I've already hidden a couple bananas from Bear so they can get super gross ripe so I can make it again and I haven't even finished this batch yet. That's how good it is.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pineapple-Ginger Chicken

I had planned on just throwing some barbecue sauce onto a couple chicken breasts and grilling them. Nothing fancy. Super easy. I really didn't feel like cooking anyway and calling for pizza for the family and drinking a protein shake was sounding better and better. Then...

My sister called. She started raving about this Bruschetta Chicken recipe she was going to make and how she'd been marinating grape tomatoes in balsamic and something else since the night before and how fabulous it was going to be. And to top it all off the selfish brat wasn't going to bring me any. Can you believe that? We won't talk about how she lives over an hour and a half away. An awesome sister would've said, "I'm on my way." I don't have an awesome sister. I have a selfish selfish selfish one. So no splendiferous Bruschetta Chicken for me and now just plain ol' barbecue chicken wasn't good enough.

It's all her fault. See what I have to live with?

Unfortunately, I didn't have any of the Bruschetta Chicken ingredients and really it wouldn't have done me any good if I had because the grape tomatoes wouldn't have been marinating overnight to be extra delicious (I'm not bitter) so out of what I had in my fridge and cupboards -- I threw together this chicken dish. And while it's not Bruschetta Chicken, it was pretty splendiferously delicious.

I am still waiting for that Bruschetta Chicken though...