My Journey So Far...

My journey so far... (as of May 2, 2014)

I've lost 130lbs since I've started my final (I've struggled with my weight my entire life) weight loss journey. I lost 25 of them without the help of my handy dandy fabulous bariatric sleeve (which is really only a tool, not a magic solution) and the remainder since then. So 105lbs in 7ish months. Not too shabby, right? 

Even better, I went from a tight (and we're talking tight) size 26 and (plus size) 4X to a misses size 12 and misses M. I also went from wearing stretched out sports bras because regular bras hurt and dug into my flesh to now wearing a 34C. More better still, HOW GREAT I FEEL and all the energy I have. I play, run, jump, wrestle, and keep up with all manner of things my kids do and still have enough go juice to hang out with my husband, work out, do housework, and invent delicious tasting recipes. I seriously feel amazing.

Things I miss: 
  • Eating. When the food is delicious and I'm enjoying it -- I hate being done after 10 to 15 or so bites, you know? It's so yummy I want to keep eating. 
  • Guzzling. I hate being a sipper. I miss guzzling large amounts of water in one go after a workout. This sipping crap is for the birds. Seriously.
  • Drinking while eating. I follow the no drink and food rule at the same time religiously even though I hate ever moment of it. Every. Single. Moment.

Things I don't miss:
  • Eating. The out of control kind. The kind where I can't stop because I'm punishing myself or it tastes good or whatever. Having consequences for my eating actions has been a blessing. 
  • Exhaustion. Being tired. Having zero energy. Letting my weight run my activities. 
  • The Weight. I love, Love, LOVE being able to do whatever I want and not have to worry if I'm too big to do it. Worst moment ever was being kicked off a ride at Sea World that 4ft wanted me to ride with him because I didn't fit. Now I fit and THEN SOME! Best. Thing. Ever.  

Things I fear:
  • Skin. I'm terrified of having miles and miles of loose hanging skin. I've read so many stories of women who have bed sores and rashes in the folds of their skin and not being able to have it removed because it's considered cosmetic.
  • Gaining it back. I have nightmares of gaining it all back and then some. I don't want to ever be that unhealthy again. (It's not about the size but the quality of life I led at that size)

(List is a work-in-progress)


Anonymous said...

Look at you go! I'm glad you are having such fabulous results. *smoooooches*

Patricia said...

I have read almost every word of your blog in the past half hour. LOL Your humor is so refreshing, telling it like it is, I love it. I am on month two of my 6 months journey to bariatric surgery. Insurance rules say I have to see a nutritionist and such for 6 months before they will pay for the surgery. But that gives me 6 months to find people like you to encourage me and keep me busy till the time comes I get to get my tools to better health. In the mean time I am trying new recipes as I too have a family to cook for and some of which (hubby and 11 year old) are too picky. So I am going to secretly make some of these goodies. Thank you for sharing your journey and I look forward to reading more!

Lisa Dovichi said...

Barb -- *smooches* right back at you. I'm loving the results and this time I won't be getting pregnant again to gain all the weight back! LOL

Patricia -- I'm glad you found me and good luck with your journey. I'm totally here if you have any questions or need an ear. Having a solid support system is a big key to the weight loss and keeping it off lock. I hope your picky eaters like the recipes!

Anonymous said...

So, SO proud of you. You are an inspiration to many, and your recipes deserve top honors. You should, like, have a cooking show or something, so the world can see you shine, AND recreate your delicious foods. For real, you should start a YouTube channel with tutorials...

Janna Q. <3

Shirley Anderson said...

I am starting my 5th week of my new life. I had gastric bypass on Aug 29th. I have lost almost 50 lbs since I started my journey with the dietitian. 36 since my surgery. Right now I have a stricture and cannot eat solids until I have a EGD on Friday. Hurts hurts hurts! Even water hurts me right now. I have read your blog and I am so happy I found you! I have been looking for someone to connect with. Can't wait to try some of your recipes.

Vero said...

Hi there,

I just found you via Pinterest. I am at the stage where I need to lose 25lbs before I am cleared for surgery. I hope to be cleared Nov.4 so I can have the sleeve done sometime in December.

Being that I am a planner, I am trying to find protein drinks or liquids I can have during the (two weeks of liquids before surgery, and after).

Any suggestions from you or anyone else would be greatly appreciated.

Love your site!

You can email me on

Cyndy said...

Happy Surgiversary! Will be checking out your blog! I am 3 months out. Similar starting point... the idea of being a size 12 is unbelievable to me. I also lost 25 pre-op. I have lost 50 post-op...

Misty said...

This is very helpful. I'm a little scared, but My surgery is scheduled for May 2nd and I couldn't be happier!