Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Weekend After...

It’s the Sunday after a major holiday -- time to get on the scale. Wait, let me rephrase that. It’s the Sunday after a major EATING holiday -- do I have to get on the scale?

*Cue suspenseful music*

I have to be honest. While it’s funnier to say I was filled with trepidation as I pulled out the scale and gingerly stepped on, it wouldn’t be the truth. I wasn’t worried. No, really, I wasn’t, for a few reasons.

Reason one: The mindset. I’m making a life change -- I’m not on a diet. So as the holidays come around, even the eating ones, I’m going to enjoy them. Sure, I didn’t eat the pie nor did I gorge out on the food -- not only was it a conscious choice but something I was incapable of doing without getting sick (it’s amazing how much your stomach shrinks when you lose a bunch of weight).

Reason two: I cooked the Thanksgiving Feast and the way I prepared the food -- using healthy choices that still taste delicious -- cut the calories in half for the entire meal. So while I ate a little more than I normally would’ve, I knew I wasn’t doing the damage that I normally could’ve.

Reason three: I worked out every day -- and I didn’t miss a day just because it was a holiday.

So armed with those three reasons, I pulled out the scale and happily hopped right on. Now I assumed I’d see that I’d maintained this week as I wasn’t on my best eating behavior, or even gone up a couple ounces. I looked at the numbers to find…

*booty shake*

…I lost 3.3 pounds over Thanksgiving! Now THAT is something to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Remembered.


I used to dread its coming like dreading a pap smear -- a necessary evil but one I hate just the same. And now, I look forward to Sundays so I can track my progress and get inspiration to continue my epiphany for another week.

I still keep my scale buried in the closet. Not to avoid its taunting gaze but to keep me from getting on it daily to see how I’m doing. No one needs that kind of pressure. So every Sunday morning I dig it out, strip (every pound counts), and merrily hop on.

I gained *gasp* a whole .1 pound.


I laughed gaily, bounced off the scale, buried it in my closet again and nonchalantly continued about my day. So what the pounds didn’t come off this week. They never do “this week” if you get my meaning and I know every week I can’t lose an average of five pounds. Besides the proof is in the fact that the jeans I bought last month are starting to get baggy and I work out with weights three times a week. Muscle weighs more than fat -- which is my mantra.

And even though I’ve gained weight *snicker* I’m still inspired to continue on my journey for two simple reasons: I haven’t felt this great or looked this good in YEARS.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Ba-ack!

…and for those of you who haven’t passed out from the shock, let me catch you up.

Well, I didn’t realize it’s been over two months since I last posted an update on my progress with the epiphany. I didn’t forget, I’ve just been so into it, and other things in my life, that I sort of let it slide.

But…I didn’t let the life changes slide. So, let’s do a fast catch up. Hang on to your seats.

I have officially been on my life changing epiphany since the middle of June which (counts on fingers, subtracts some toes, and does the hokey pokey) makes it about five months now. And in the past five months, I’ve lost…

Are you ready? (drum roll please)

… a total of 76 pounds, 3 - 4 pants sizes (depends on the pants), 3 shirt sizes, and 3 bra sizes (in circumference, not cups)!

Can you say halfway to my goal? *does a booty shake*

How am I doing it? I eat approximately 1200 calories a day. As promised, I lost the first 20 pounds on the strict food plan, then chose to eat whatever I wanted as long as I adhered to the calorie count. I eat four to five small meals a day and I drink at least a gallon of water.

But my biggest crowning glory is the fact that I exercise every day -- so far 162 of them to be exact (yes I’m crazy, I keep count). And something weird happened. I stopped wishing the exercise video was over before it even really began -- which, let me tell you, made the video seem to last forever -- and started just enjoying the workout. It’s over before I know it and I’m a little sad when I’m done. Freak, right? I actually look forward to and like working out.

I really can’t believe the difference the 76 pound loss makes. Gone is the double chin and I have a collar bone! I had no idea. I can run after my three-year old son, three-feet-of-fun, and not get winded. And I feel prettier, sexier, and a whole lot healthier.

Now that I’ve gotten caught up with my progress I’ll for sure blog on Sundays as they are still weigh in days. Talk to you all next week!