Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Pounds Bite the Dust

It’s Sunday again.

Funny how that works.

Cue suspenseful music.

I unearthed the dreaded scale from the dreary depths of my closet once again and stood upon it. Honestly, I wasn’t quite the drama queen this time and kept my eyes open the entire experience. I watched the little light blink and then did some blinking of my own.


Now, while I wasn’t such a dork climbing on the scale this week, I’ll admit to still shrieking and doing a little dance as I jumped off it. I lost another 5.9 pounds! Suddenly, 150 pounds by next summer didn’t seem quite so daunting. I still prefer to think of it as seven pant sizes, though.

I know. I know. It won’t always be big numbers sloughing off. But it sure does help here in the beginning while I’m growing accustomed to these major lifestyle changes I’ve made. This also gets me that much closer to losing my first twenty pounds, which is when I’ll shake up my diet again and be a little less strenuous on what I can and can’t have.

As with anything you want to do for the long haul, you have to make it doable and be committed. The doing is coming pretty naturally so far and I’m definitely invested. And when the going gets tough, as I know it will, I have these lost 13.7 pounds to remind me of why it’s worth it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Victor Victorious

I did it! I did it!

Every Wednesday I meet friends at a local bakery. We sit around a table and visit while we eat delicious baked goodness. I’ve avoided going the last three weeks. Well, today I went.

Since I was riding high on my successful weight loss last week, I figured I could handle it. I ate breakfast before I left so I wouldn’t be hungry. I figured I didn’t need that sort of strain on my willpower. I walked in and my friends sat around our table with bear claws, cinnamon rolls, and donuts of every size and flavor.

I went up to the counter. The only thing between me and baked heaven was a thin piece of glass and my will. I paid for my bottled water and joined my friends. I sat there and watched them savor their treats as I drank my water and I felt nothing.


I didn’t want any of it and it made me feel so triumphant -- like I can totally do this.

In fact the only drag about the whole excursion was the fielding of the, “Why aren’t you having anything,” questions. I answered with, “I’m not hungry.” They just couldn’t believe that I didn’t want anything. If money was tight they could spot me something. If the bakery was out of what I wanted they’d trade me something.

I have great friends, well-meaning friends, but they just couldn’t understand why I didn’t want anything. Finally I had to tell them I’d decided baked goods and I were on a little break. They all got that knowing look in their eye that clearly said I’d be back together with baked goodness sooner rather than later. I felt compelled to tell them that it’d been three weeks and that I’d lost nearly 10 pounds that I know of. It was worth it to tell them to see their jaws drop.

I felt vindicated. And while I know that, eventually, I will have an urge for something of the baked delicious nature and give into the craving, it still felt good to give my willpower the ultimate test and pass it with flying colors.

I walked away from the bakery field of battle victorious. And that feels better than any bear claw could ever taste.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fabulous Finish to the Week

How did it get to be Sunday, already? Seems like just last week I pulled out the scale and dusted it off -- oh, that’s right, it was last week. So, as promised, I dragged out the scale again this morning and ignored its pleas for pity.

I closed my eyes, stood on it, took a deep breath -- and looked down.

Jumping Jelly Donuts! It read I weighed 307.7 pounds. I hopped off and then stepped back on and sure enough -- 307.7 blinked at me again. I’ve lost 7.8 pounds in the last week. I’ll confess I screamed. It was fabulous.

I realize I won’t get these results every Sunday, nor should I on a regular basis -- too much rapid weight loss is dangerous. However, I think it’s an awesome kickoff to my lifestyle change. The rigorous eating plan I’m following now is for the first twenty to twenty-five pounds, to get my body jumpstarted into weight loss mode. After I hit that first milestone, I plan on incorporating a less intensive meal plan so I can lose weight steadily while making sure it’s something I can live with on the long term. Food Nazi can equal Binge Blowout. This is something I want to avoid at all costs.

As for how the eating is going -- sticking to my regime on some days has been harder than others. But today it’s all been made worth it. My goals have been reaffirmed and I’ve got a definite spring to my step.

Being nearly eight pounds lighter will do that to a girl.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Competitive Spirit

Break out the ranch dip and celery, I’m celebrating!

I’ve worked out everyday for the past seven days without fail. My chart is beautifully covered with fabulous checkmarks and I plan on indulging my hardworking self with a much deserved treat -- a pedicure. My toes curl in ecstasy just thinking about it.

Want to know the real key to my success?


Nothing beats good old fashioned competition as the ultimate power in motivation. I can suffer anything for the thrill of a victory.

My best friend and I are highly competitive -- she’s more so, but I digress -- and she has been hugely instrumental to my success. You see, along with my charts and checkmarks for exercising everyday, my friend and I are keeping a running total of the days we do it in a row. If we miss a day then we have to start back over at one -- the only exceptions to this rule are injuries and illnesses and in that case you can’t count the days you didn’t actually do something but you don’t have start over either.

On the evenings when I was too tired or just didn’t want to do anything, I’d think about how far she’d get ahead of me if I had to start all over. Without fail, I’d lace up my sneakers and force myself to do the assigned workout for that day. Thinking about her passing me up gave me the oomph to get started that a future reward didn’t -- and I’ve found, once I’ve started, it’s not so bad. So now, when we whine about having to workout, we rub each other’s noses in the fact of how far ahead we’ll be if the other misses the day. Hey, what are friends for?

So raise the water glass and let’s make a toast to competition. May the best girl win -- she’d say it’s her but hey, I was the one with the epiphany. However, in this I’d gladly take a tie so we can both win.