Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fabulous Finish to the Week

How did it get to be Sunday, already? Seems like just last week I pulled out the scale and dusted it off -- oh, that’s right, it was last week. So, as promised, I dragged out the scale again this morning and ignored its pleas for pity.

I closed my eyes, stood on it, took a deep breath -- and looked down.

Jumping Jelly Donuts! It read I weighed 307.7 pounds. I hopped off and then stepped back on and sure enough -- 307.7 blinked at me again. I’ve lost 7.8 pounds in the last week. I’ll confess I screamed. It was fabulous.

I realize I won’t get these results every Sunday, nor should I on a regular basis -- too much rapid weight loss is dangerous. However, I think it’s an awesome kickoff to my lifestyle change. The rigorous eating plan I’m following now is for the first twenty to twenty-five pounds, to get my body jumpstarted into weight loss mode. After I hit that first milestone, I plan on incorporating a less intensive meal plan so I can lose weight steadily while making sure it’s something I can live with on the long term. Food Nazi can equal Binge Blowout. This is something I want to avoid at all costs.

As for how the eating is going -- sticking to my regime on some days has been harder than others. But today it’s all been made worth it. My goals have been reaffirmed and I’ve got a definite spring to my step.

Being nearly eight pounds lighter will do that to a girl.


Mary B said...

Kickin' A! Wow! I'm impressed. Yanno, I've turned into a total slug lately. I need to jumpstart my exercise again.

You've inspired me!

Average Jane said...

WAHOOOOOOO!!! I'm an inspiration. You totally rock and I know you can do it. Seriously, if I can, anyone can.

Mary B said...

:hides bag of chips under chair:

Melanie Avila said...

AWESOME! That's so great. I hope you're like me - when you start to see results you get even more motivated.

See - hard work can pay off!

Average Jane said...

I'm definitely bouncing off the walls and ready to tackle another week.. LOL

Amy Mullis said...

Look at you! You lost enough last week to make a whole baby--a good start to losing a whole person. You might even get me off my well-rounded and completely padded tush before you're done.

Average Jane said...

Come on Doodlesnot, you know you want to join me.

*wicked smile* I'm rocking the peer pressure. LOL