Friday, August 1, 2008

Competitive Spirit

Break out the ranch dip and celery, I’m celebrating!

I’ve worked out everyday for the past seven days without fail. My chart is beautifully covered with fabulous checkmarks and I plan on indulging my hardworking self with a much deserved treat -- a pedicure. My toes curl in ecstasy just thinking about it.

Want to know the real key to my success?


Nothing beats good old fashioned competition as the ultimate power in motivation. I can suffer anything for the thrill of a victory.

My best friend and I are highly competitive -- she’s more so, but I digress -- and she has been hugely instrumental to my success. You see, along with my charts and checkmarks for exercising everyday, my friend and I are keeping a running total of the days we do it in a row. If we miss a day then we have to start back over at one -- the only exceptions to this rule are injuries and illnesses and in that case you can’t count the days you didn’t actually do something but you don’t have start over either.

On the evenings when I was too tired or just didn’t want to do anything, I’d think about how far she’d get ahead of me if I had to start all over. Without fail, I’d lace up my sneakers and force myself to do the assigned workout for that day. Thinking about her passing me up gave me the oomph to get started that a future reward didn’t -- and I’ve found, once I’ve started, it’s not so bad. So now, when we whine about having to workout, we rub each other’s noses in the fact of how far ahead we’ll be if the other misses the day. Hey, what are friends for?

So raise the water glass and let’s make a toast to competition. May the best girl win -- she’d say it’s her but hey, I was the one with the epiphany. However, in this I’d gladly take a tie so we can both win.


Mary B said...

I hear you! I'm super competitive myself and anything where I post my word count (like NaNoWriMo) makes me a writing machine.

~your favorite soccer mom

Average Jane said...

Hey Mary!! LOL It's nice to know I'm not the only one who does better under the competition motivator than without it. I'm the same way with writing too. LOL

So *wicked smile* what's your word count on your latest WIP????

Melanie Avila said...

Oohhhh, I'm very competitive.

Having a workout partner is a huge help, even if you're not working out together. I had a roommate that belonged to my gym and we'd usually go together after work. Without fail, the days I didn't want to go, she'd show up in my room in her workout clothes. The same would happen on days she didn't want to go. We kept each other motivated! *sniff* I miss her.

Average Jane said...

Another fellow competitor.. Awesome!!!

I don't go to a gym yet.. I'm not ready to jiggle in public.. LOL So far I'm doing pretty good with my aerobic tapes and pilates (which I'm wondering when are they going to quit being so darn painful on my abdominal muscles.. LOL)