Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Victor Victorious

I did it! I did it!

Every Wednesday I meet friends at a local bakery. We sit around a table and visit while we eat delicious baked goodness. I’ve avoided going the last three weeks. Well, today I went.

Since I was riding high on my successful weight loss last week, I figured I could handle it. I ate breakfast before I left so I wouldn’t be hungry. I figured I didn’t need that sort of strain on my willpower. I walked in and my friends sat around our table with bear claws, cinnamon rolls, and donuts of every size and flavor.

I went up to the counter. The only thing between me and baked heaven was a thin piece of glass and my will. I paid for my bottled water and joined my friends. I sat there and watched them savor their treats as I drank my water and I felt nothing.


I didn’t want any of it and it made me feel so triumphant -- like I can totally do this.

In fact the only drag about the whole excursion was the fielding of the, “Why aren’t you having anything,” questions. I answered with, “I’m not hungry.” They just couldn’t believe that I didn’t want anything. If money was tight they could spot me something. If the bakery was out of what I wanted they’d trade me something.

I have great friends, well-meaning friends, but they just couldn’t understand why I didn’t want anything. Finally I had to tell them I’d decided baked goods and I were on a little break. They all got that knowing look in their eye that clearly said I’d be back together with baked goodness sooner rather than later. I felt compelled to tell them that it’d been three weeks and that I’d lost nearly 10 pounds that I know of. It was worth it to tell them to see their jaws drop.

I felt vindicated. And while I know that, eventually, I will have an urge for something of the baked delicious nature and give into the craving, it still felt good to give my willpower the ultimate test and pass it with flying colors.

I walked away from the bakery field of battle victorious. And that feels better than any bear claw could ever taste.


Mary B said...

you rawk in granny panties. That was a big test. I have been so good. But soccer season is around the corner and I usually excercise while the kids practice.

Melanie Avila said...

That's wonderful! I'm sure you feel so great knowing you didn't give in to temptation. Like you said, it won't be like that every time, but that's great you stayed strong. And even better to see that reaction from your friends. :)

Turkey Lurkey said...

After a long time staying away from donuts, now one will give me a greasy stomach ache. You'll be surprised by how your body will start to reject those foods. Glad you stuck with it! And WOOHOO for the 10 lbs!

Melanie Avila said...

Turkey, I'm the same way. :)

Amy Mullis said...

You'll meet that bear claw on your own terms, Losergirl, and you won't feel the need to eat the whole bear! And God help me, I ate a salad for supper and walked in the driveway!

Average Jane said...

Mary: you go girl with your soccer inspired exercise. :D

MC Hoo.. oh yeah the looks on their faces were priceless.

Poultry Girl: That'll be awesome because when I do break down and have a donut.. LOL I won't like how I feel and maybe I can use that as a donut deterrent.

Doodlesnot: Awesome on the salad!! Luckily I heart salads and they're quick and easy to make when I'm really hungry.