Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeling Better

I had the "gym" all to myself last night which means I got to spend quality time with my BFF, treadmill.

I did Week 3, Day 1 of the C25k again. It was a little easier. I don't know if it's because I took the weekend off to recoup or if it's because it was just easier. But I owned the first 1/2 of the program. The last 3 minute jogging sprint was still pretty tough but I didn't think I was going to die. So that's a plus. I also upped the speed of the whole workout which could be why the last 3 minute jog was still hard. But I want to built up my speed and endurance anyway and Week 3 seem like a good week to use.

Instead of doing the power walk afterward, I got on the elliptical. I mean, why not? I had the gym to myself. Plus, I'm changing up my workouts again. I figure the elliptical and cycling are pretty much working the same thing as running is. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm going to do one of the videos out of my "Sweatin' to the Oldies" collection as well as do strength training and yoga. And on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I'm going to do the C25K and then finish it up with either elliptical or cycling.

The guilt of my choice aside, I really think taking two days off a week was a good idea. I felt better before and after my workout yesterday and even though my sleep was less than stellar (Mr. Grumpybutt had a rough night) I'm not grumpy and dragging butt this morning like I was last week. So, I'm just going to have to work on the whole guilt thing.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Week 3, Day 1 of C25K program and 13 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer: resistance = 4; average pace = 158 -- burning approximately 604 calories

Only Water - Day 58.

Breakfast - Egg Sandwich and sliced bananas
Lunch - McDonalds Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/out mayo and small ice cream cone
Mid-Afternoon Snack - (still full from lunch)
Dinner - Pot Roast w/ carrots, potatoes, and onions

total calories = approx. 1283
total days = 63
total pounds lost = 23.1


Angie said...

No reason to feel guilty. The whole point of this is to feel better, right? So if you're not feeling good working out 6 days a week, but you do feel good doing it 5 days a week, I think that's a win. ;)

Ah, Sweatin' to the Oldies. Our PE teacher in high school made us work out to those videos when he couldn't figure out what else to have a bunch of snotty teenagers do for 45 minutes. We girls would get Mr. Simmons while the boys went to the weightlifting room and did whatever boys do in weightlifting rooms. Probably fantasize about girls sweatin' to the oldies...

Which is a very wordy way of saying I think I need to look for one of those videos. If nothing else, Richard Simmons is entertaining. ;)

Lisa Dovichi said...

@Angie -- Richard Simmons is totally entertaining. How can you not smile at the corny things he says and the sparkled getups he wears.. LOL

I also like watching at the end of the videos where it shows you how much the people in the videos have lost. Inspirational.

My favorite video is Sweatin' to the Oldies 2. The music in 1 and 3 are really good but I like the variety of workout in the second one -- it incorporates weights and floor work into it.