Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Celebrate!!!

DAY 100!!!!! *shakes my money maker*

I've done 100 days in a row of HEALTHY LIVING!!! *dances some more*


In commemoration of this huge milestone I'm going to do a giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive one delicious baked good choice from this list of my own healthy creations:
Banana Almond Bread
Banana Chocolate Muffins
Snowy Brownies
Cranberry Scones
Honey Cinnamon Swirl Cinnamon Bread
Sugar Cookie S'mores

And it's easy to enter! All you have to do is comment on this blog, my sparkpeople blog, or on this linked blog post at Easy, right? I mean how else will I know you want to enter? All of these items will survive shipping and anyone can enter -- I'll ship anywhere. I'll take comments until tomorrow night, do a random drawing and announce the winners on Saturday's blog.

I'm in the mood to celebrate!!! It's not about the weight (which trust me I love dropping) it's about the living healthy because as long as I keep that up the weight will lose itself.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - crunches and push ups.

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 100!!! WAHOOOO!!!!

Only Water - Day 95

Total Pounds Lost - 38.3

Breakfast - bowl of FiberOne Honey Clusters w/ homemade Almond Milk
Morning Snack - (didn't need)
Lunch - Hawaiian and Veggie Homemade Pizzas
Mid-Afternoon Snack -1/2 peanut butter and banana sandwich and some popcorn
Dinner - Fried Fish Strips, french fries, and broccoli (274 calories)

Total Day Calories - 1098


Julie Fletcher said...

ONE? I can only choose ONE? Or is it one box of it all?

Congrats, lady. I'm proud of you and I remember when you were just thinking about doing this...[sniffles] My baby done got all growed up...

Janna Qualman said...

Wonderful job, Lisa! You are awesome, and I admire you. Keep at it!

The Blaine gang said...

I eat healthy and exercise. You motivated me to do C25K again and now I am on week 7. Too bad my weight doesn't lose itself though!! A lot of it is portion size, I know. You have a lot of self control. GO GIRL! You inspire so many of us!

Gini Koch said...

Awesome! Way to go! I want to win! I want to win!

Susana & Chris said...

Riiiiight....a "random" (wink, wink) drawing. I know you'll do what's right (you've got my address right?).

Angie said...

Ooh! Me! Pick me! Congrats! Dork! :-P

Owen said...

Am I too late? I want to enter!!

and CONGRATULATIONS!! You are teh awesome!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

What the heck! Owen can't have baked goods..