Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change of Plan.

So, we didn't do Just Dance 2 yesterday. Apparently 3ft thought Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster was way more important than dancing. *gasp* It's scandalous I know. So we're going to try and do it today.

However, I did bust out Wii Fit last night and do 30 minutes of Free Step while watching a couple episodes of Giada at Home (a cooking show -- I'm addicted). I made cream cheese marshmallow frosting last night for the pumpkin pie muffins and of course I had to taste the frosting and lick the spoon. Then naturally I had to eat a muffin with the frosting on it to make sure they tasted good together, right? Right. So, I made the wise choice to throw in a little 8pm workout to make up for the muffin and frosting consumption. I also am proud to say that while I wanted to eat a lot of muffins with frosting (they really were off the hook), I only ate the one. Go me.

The frosting is super easy: 1 8oz package of cream cheese (room temp), 8oz of marshmallow creme, 1/2 tsp of vanilla, 1 tbs Brummel and Brown yogurt spread. Whip it all together and there you go. It's creamy but runny so it works really well to pipe into muffins or cupcakes and then use a little to cover the top. You don't need a lot on the top when its in the center as well.

I've upped my crunches and push ups again. I'm now doing 150 crunches and 35 push ups twice a day. Have I mentioned how much I hate push ups? But did you notice how fat my arms are? That is why I keep doing them even though I completely loathe them. The things we do in the name of health. I'm also going to implement another crunch exercise that I found in my Clean Eating Magazine. It not only has you "crunch" but it has you include your legs and lifting them, trying to touch your toes and whatnot while you're crunching. I really want to tighten my tummy and hopefully negate a lot of excess skin. I figure I'm going to end up with some. You don't go from 350lbs (which was my highest original weight), having your skin stretched to it's absolute limit, to 150lbs and not have some skin issues -- but I'm hoping to minimalize them.

The giveaway is still going. Make sure if you want to be included you let me know. I'm going to make the Husband draw two names out of a hat on Wednesday night. Don't miss out on a chance to win the delicious baked goods!

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - 30 minutes Free Step on the Wii, 300 crunches, and 70 push ups.

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 133

Only Water - Day 128

Total Pounds Lost - 50.2

Breakfast - bowl of FiberOne Honey Clusters w/ homemade Almond Milk
Morning Snack - (early lunch)
Lunch - McDonalds Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/out mayo and apple dippers
Mid-Afternoon Snack - (was busy and forgot it)
Dinner - Cider Glazed Pork w/ fettuccine alfredo and broccoli
Dessert - Pumpkin Pie Muffin with Cream Cheese Marshmallow frosting


BeckyNeighbor said...

Hi Lisa - I work with Melanie Hoo and she turned me on to your blog at lunch today. I am also a bigger girl and recently decided that I really need to figure out this whole lose-some-weight thing. Again. But this time I'm serious.

Anyway, enough about me. I just wanted to say that I've read through some of your blog and I am so so impressed with what you've done. I am going to start a blog that will (hopefully) keep me accountable to the goals I set and I now want to be you when I grow up because you've got such a great outlook on the whole process of losing weight but still living life. Especially with young children. Not to mention that I want to try some of your recipes. So, I'm wishing you continued good losing and hope that I will be right behind you... :)

Lisa Dovichi said...

Hey Becky!!!

Welcome aboard! Any recipes you want just give me a holler and I'll send them right over. Anytime you need an ear or someone to talk to, I'm your girl!

I definitely recommend the blogging for accountability it's been HUGELY helpful for me. Let's be lifestyle change buddies (it's always better with buddies)! When you get your blog started I expect the URL so I can come visit!

I'm so excited for you!!! YAY!!! :)

BeckyNeighbor said...

Thanks Lisa! I went and started my blog last night. I couldn't stop myself. Once I get an idea I'm off to the races. I'm at abanquetofbecky.blogspot.com.

I would love to be lifestyle change buddies. It's so much easier for me to be accountable that way, plus reach out a hand when I feel like things are getting away from me. So, thanks. I will be in touch.

Lisa Dovichi said...

I had to run right over and check it out! I'm so excited for you. If you need anything, my e-mail is lisadovichi@yahoo.com. Just drop me a note.