Friday, October 1, 2010

Cupcakes for the Win.

I had to bake yesterday. No, really. I did.

I volunteered to make cupcakes for 3ft's school carnival for a cupcake walk, then promptly forgot all about it. So, imagine my surprise, when I got an e-mail from the PTA saying the cupcake containers were available and can you bring them to school on Friday.


So I looked through my pantry and found all the ingredients to make carrot cupcakes. From scratch. With real carrots.

It was an adventure. I have a Magic Bullet, which I love as a blender, but as a food processor with carrots, not so fabulous. So I had to get creative to grate the carrots fine with the Bullet, but I persevered. Go me. Little Cinnamon, well a LOT, actually (I love Cinnamon), a little nutmeg, some ginger (basically pumpkin spices -- they're both orange, why not?) some flour: white and wheat, baking powder, a little sugar, a can of crushed pineapple for flavor and so it's only a "little" sugar and voila cake batter.

Next up was the frosting. I thought I could blend my cream cheese with a lot of powdered sugar to make sweet frosting and add on 600 calories


I could blend up my cream cheese block with marshmallow creme.

Oh. My. Gawd. It is so fantastic. I piped that frosting inside the cupcakes as well as a little on the top. They looked beautiful. The batter made a lot which was awesome. Then I read on the paperwork for the cupcakes that 3ft got home that cupcakes can't require refrigeration.

It figures. So now I have to make a different kind. So I gathered up all the neighborhood kids that 3ft was outside playing with and asked them if they wanted to be cupcake eating guinea pigs? They all agreed and toddled off to ask their parents if that was cool.

Those boys INHALED the cupcakes. Then I sent 7 to work with the husband. Which he said he might not even share them because they're so good and he doesn't even really like carrot cake especially because of the cream cheese frosting. Then of course I'm having the in-laws over for dinner tomorrow night so I saved some for dessert.

The best thing about this little beaut is that it's only 150 calories w/ 3 grams of fat. Which is INSANE for a cupcake that has filling and frosting! Just saying. Husband couldn't believe they were "light" and low fat!

Now I'm off to bake more. Good thing I like it. I'm going to make chocolate cupcakes, filled with nutella, and topped with milk chocolate frosting. I'm not even remotely making these healthy. I want those kids at the cupcake walk to practically kill each other over getting them!!

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - 40 push ups, 160 crunches, and 60 minute power walk.

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 115

Only Water - Day 110

Total Pounds Lost - 41.7

Breakfast - bowl of FiberOne Honey Clusters w/ homemade Almond Milk
Morning Snack - FiberOne Granola Bar
Lunch - Cajun Chicken Sandwich, carrots, and a pickle spear
Mid-Afternoon Snack -1/2 peanut butter and banana sandwich and a creme filled carrot cupcake
Dinner - Garlic Steak w/ Sauteed Mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and garlic pasta.

Total Day Calories - 1084

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