Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Return of the Sweaty Bike Guy...

Yes, you read that right. I went to the "gym" last night. Wahooo for me! I made my friend Riana go with me. I'd been threatening to forever but last night we made it happen. I jumped on the Elliptical because I'm a nice girl (hey, quit scoffing, I can be nice) and Riana wanted the Treadmill. And naturally, "The Walker" wasn't there so she was able to get right on.

And who should come in while I was sweating away on the elliptical but Sweaty Bike Guy!!! We shared the same awkward smile as he got on the bike next to me and then promptly ignored each other.

So I did 2+ miles on the elliptical and then I did about a mile or so on the other bike (the one that used to squeak) by the treadmill so Riana and I could visit while she finished up her half hour. I went a little earlier because I wanted to do 45 minutes. Then feeling empowered we promised to try and go again tonight and walked our separate ways home.

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June Kramin said...

You had me at sweaty bike guy ;)