Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary... does your garden grow?

On my porch.

I have wanted a garden forever. For-Ev-Er. And I've never had one because I'm lacking one small thing. Ground/dirt/soil/land to put one in. Year after year I've watched in silent jealousy as my friends put up their gardens or being envious of the gardens I'd see out on my walks. Finally I decided enough was enough. So I broke the vicious garden envy cycle.

So what if I live in an upstairs apartment and have a small balcony to call my yard? Why can't I grow things out of flower pots and buckets? Have soil will grow with a little water and some sun, right?


So I've started my little porch garden. So far nothing big. Just some herbs: parsley, basil, and chives. Then I've got two different kinds of tomatoes going -- cherry tomatoes and normal sized ones. The one on the right is a hanging upside down one. I'm just waiting for my babies to get big enough to do so. Then I have some sunflowers, zinnias, and daisies to add a little color and fun -- if they ever bloom.

Then I have my snapdragons (on the right), which I totally love and then my grandmother-in-law gave me a jade plant (the one on the left) and something else. She told me what it was but I don't remember. I think it's going to flower eventually either that or it has tumorous offshoots. *in my best Arnold voice* It's not a tuma -- I crack myself up.

And then there's Flora. My grandmother-in-law gave her to me last year for Mother's Day. She's starting to bud again. When she gets full blown she's more red than green. My GIL told me what kind of plant she was too but I don't remember.

I'm also giving another shot at sugar baby watermelons. The first attempt was a dud but I need to get a rectangular type pot for that I think. I'm also thinking about doing some sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and maybe some sugar snap peas. I just wanted to make sure I got enough sun on my porch because I'm faced north and I'm sandwiched between apartments. I only get a couple hours of sun in the morning on the right side and a couple hours in the evening on the left side so I move my garden around to try and give it ample sunlight. So far everything is growing (except the stupid watermelons) so I'm going to add more. MORE! MORE!!! Muwahahahahahaha I've gone gardening crazy!

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