Monday, April 18, 2011

Rainy Day Chef Salads

I know that the rain is good for us -- no droughts and food growth -- but I just have to say I'm tired of the rain. It keeps me indoors. If I didn't have children I'd probably be one of those hardcore runners/walkers that is outside even in a downpour but I can't do it to my kids nor can I afford to be sick. Mom's don't get sick days. Ever.

Mondays are Riana lunch days where she comes over to my house and we have lunch together and let our kids play. Today I made Chef Salads with hard boiled eggs, ham, cheese, cucumbers, and romaine lettuce with lite 1000 island dressing. They were super delicious. I have enough stuff left over to probably have it for the next couple of days. Yay me. The only thing that would've made the salad better was if it had been a sunny warm day (those feel like salad days to me) instead of a dismal raining day.

(Can you tell I'm tired of the rain?)

I'm so excited. Riana and I are making a hexagon tiered cake with tropical flowers on it for a dessert auction fundraiser for our elementary school. We bought some of the supplies today and finalized our design. The tiers are going to be (from bottom to top) purple, pink, red orange, and yellow -- deep vibrant colors like a tropical sunset. Then we're going to do gum paste white tropical flowers with the inner petals dusted with different colored luster dust. It's going to be awesome. There's a prize for the top three cakes with the highest bid . So, hopefully we'll win but if not we're having a blast anyways. I'll be posting pictures as we go. We haven't started yet other than the planning phase. The cake's not due until May 13th. I'm so excited.

The flowers are our color palette for the tiers. Fabulous, right? And then I bought the hexagon cake pans today. Aren't they awesome? I can't wait to bake in them.


jcaddell said...

Oh pretty! I can't wait to see how the cake turns out!!

Lisa Dovichi said...

I'm so excited. It's all I can do to keep myself from starting it now. But we actually want it to be edible and delicious and NOT petrified cake on the 13th of May. :D