Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Space Herpes!!!

That was for my husband.

Last night was another installment of Horrible Movie Monday Night. And while the movie chosen didn't outdo The FP or Rubber, it still kept the streak going. Drum roll please...

Yep, we watched Ice Pirates. It was either that or Dragonslayer which is on the queue for next Monday. What decided us was the trailer. It was seriously hilarious and cheesey awesome. How could it not be when in a future where water is scarce in the galaxy, 2 space pirates are captured and are going to be castrated and enslaved but instead are sold to a princess they tried to kidnap to unwillingly help her find her father. Cheesy 1984 Space Comedy in all its glory. We laughed and groaned in pain the whole way through it.

My husband's favorite part of the movie was when the ship got Space Herpes. For the rest of the movie he kept calling it out thus the blog title is dedicated to him.

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