Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pass the Knife

Well, I did it. 

I've lost the 25lbs (and then some) I needed to lose in order to have the gastric bypass surgery. My preop appointment is TOMORROW and I get surgerized (Yeah, I made that word up, what of it?) on Wednesday, October 9th. 

I'm seriously excited.

I was originally going to get the Roux-En-Y bypass which is where they make your stomach from a football sized pouch to the size of an egg sized pouch. But come to find out, due to the auto-immune disease medical stuff wrong with me, I have to have the Gastric Sleeve so they are able to treat my other conditions with medications that could be toxic to a patient with the Roux-En-Y bypass. So basically they're going to slice away most of the stomach and make it one long tube from esophagus to intestines with no pouch for your stomach. I think, I'm glad for it, because this way they don't have to reroute any intestines like they do for the other bypass so I'm hoping, I'll recover faster and have less complications. It's definitely less invasive. 

In other news:

Sassy doesn't need a ladder to climb onto the top bunk of the boys' bed. She is like She-ra and just does a massive pull up on the top bar until she's up and over. So at every opportunity (when I'm not looking -- you know bathroom breaks, food prep, Grumpers' pull-up change) I find her on the top bunk with a smile a mile wide and her giggling and waving at me. I'm hoping she doesn't get any, "I can fly" or "gravity won't affect me" ideas and dives off the top.

4ft has started choir and I can't wait until he sings tune after tune that he's learned over and over and over. When can he start band? Because that way I can listen to that too! (Yeah, and that wasn't sarcasm -- the kid talks nonstop, singing or horrible instrument playing would be a nice change)

Grumpers still insists that he will only ever wear pull-ups and that big boy underwear are just a passing fad. I remain hopeful that he won't go to college wearing Diego decorated pull-ups but am going to buy stock in the company just in case. 

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