Friday, October 25, 2013

Week 3 -- food, Food, FOOD!


Okay, so I can only eat "soft foods" but you'd be amazed at how much that opens up. And more importantly -- I CAN CHEW MY FOOD!!! 

No, I'm not excited at all. Can't you tell?

Soft foods also includes toast and crackers but not bread. Of course, me being me, I had to ask my dietitian why not. Basically, for whatever reason, bread, even though it's soft, lands like a rock in bariatric bi-pass tummies and causes a lot of pain and puking for most people and since my fabulous fun filled day of puking over the stupid vitamins I'm not willing to test the theory. But crackers are DELICIOUS. 

I still eat ridiculously small amounts and I still need to drink the protein shake and protein powered chocolate pudding (hardships, really. Mmm mmm chocolate) to supplement my protein intake.

I tried an over medium cooked egg, thinking because of the runny yolks it would be soft and I liked them alright before the surgery. It was gross and to top it off before I could even eat half of it the nasty thing was cold which made it even more nasty. So there's another thing I liked before but hate now. I still miss my Vanilla English Toffee Iced Coffee. Haz sad face.

So the next morning I tried scrambled eggs, something I wasn't terribly fond of before, but it was pretty good. So I can eat one scrambled egg and half of a 5.3 oz greek yogurt for breakfast.

For lunch I make open faced cracker sandwiches -- 3 crackers and about 1.5 oz of chicken lunch meat.

For dinner: I made a cheesy ranch mashed cauliflower. Tastes like potatoes and is better for you. I can eat three TBS of that and then 1 dinosaur chicken and I'm stuffed.

It takes me about a half an hour to eat those small amounts for each meal. So, I've made it a point to eat stuff I don't mind becoming room temp or make it crazy hot so it's still warm when I finish. 

I went to my 2 week follow up appointment on the 23rd. The doc was really impressed with my progress and says I'm having a better than text book recovery and everything is looking really great. She gave me a pass on all the vitamins I have to take for a month and then made my day telling me I don't have to take all the ones that they normally prescribe because that's for the pouch and I have a sleeve. So I left a happy camper. 

I've also been cleared for some exercise which I'm super happy about. I can do anything that works out or tones my arms, shoulders, butt, and legs (doctors words) but nothing to do with my stomach. Unfortunately this includes my deep water aerobics class for another month which is a total bummer as that's my favorite exercise to do. But I'll endeavor to survive.

I got on my elliptical last night for 18 minutes and did fine. I could've gone longer but the Husband had taken the kids out to ride scooters and skateboards and as I watched all the fun they were having I decided to join in with them and ran around the courtyard pushing little kids around on their scooters. Hey, that's exercise too.

Things I still miss:
Chugging water. I barely drink 40 - 50 oz a day when before I could guzzle 100 oz.
Water aerobics
Laying on the floor -- stomach is still sore
Rolling over without hurting -- same as above
IB Profen (something of which I will never be able to take again)
Vanilla English Toffee Iced Coffee (which hopefully I will develop a taste for again)
Salad. I desperately want roughage!

But all in all the list of missing stuff doesn't outweigh the list of benefits having this surgery is going to afford me most of which is BEING HEALTHY!

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