Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Beach Trip = A Workout?

Today the hubs and I took 3ft and the Tyrant (my two-month-old) to the beach. We decided it'd be fun to go play in the sand, watch 3ft play in the waves, and fly a kite.

First there was "The Hill". It was steep and long and the only way down to the beach. Fine, we tackled that with all our beach gear (which was a lot -- for those of you who have taken an infant anywhere can attest to that). Then there's the sand. Walking in sand is hard work. especially when it's deep, dry, and you sink into it. And naturally we didn't want to take a strip of sand in front of "The Hill" because horses and people were coming and going all day, so we walked a ways before setting up camp. Play in the sand -- check.

And naturally we didn't set up camp near the water so it was a trek to the waves. At which point 3ft didn't pay close enough attention and fell, getting completely soaked from his jeans to his sweatshirt (thank goodness I had the forethought to bring a change of clothes). Play in the waves -- check.

Then it was time to fly the kite. I have never flown a kite before. I don't have a technique, I don't know any tricks of the trade, I hadn't a clue at what I was doing. So I did a lot of freaking running on the sand trying to launch that puppy. I even climbed the side of a cliff to have a higher launch point while someone else ran. No go. That albatross refused, REFUSED, to stay afloat. Flying the kite -- well, not from the lack of trying.

Then there was always the "things we forgot to bring down from the car". That was how the hill became "The Hill". I don't know how many times I went up and down that sucker.

Wait. No.

First I had to do the long trek across the sand THEN I had to tackle "The Hill". Let me just say 3ft is the KING of forgetting things in the car.

Before we left this morning I told my husband I was going to have to workout when we got home since I didn't have a chance this morning before we left. Ha. Ha. Ha. I never thought a beach trip would be a workout.

I was wrong.

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Melanie Avila said...

I love when I can get a "workout" when I don't expect it. Makes a nice break from the regular routine.