Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Muscle, Right?

It's Sunday again which means time to climb onto the scale -- the judge and jury of my journey. I had my winning argument and supporting evidence. Another week of relatively healthy food choices except for the evil temptation of the Nutella that one day. Another week of crunches, push ups (have I mentioned how much I hate them?), and 40 minute dance routines to the fabulousness that is Dance Dance Revolution -- of which I did it everyday except for yesterday. I flew a kite on the beach instead, well tried to anyway, which was more of a workout than if it'd actually flown.

I was ready for the verdict. At least I thought I was.

I gained 2lbs. TWO POUNDS!

How does that work? I horked down my weight in pizza the DAY before I weighed in last week and I lost 2.4lbs. I have an unfortunate mishap with Nutella in the beginning of the week and I gain 2 of them back. I'm, needless to say, irritated.

I'm proud to say that even though the urge to just say, "Eff it," (bleeped tastefully for Blogging but thought in all it's vulgar glory) and eat the entire bag of Milky Way bunnies I got for 3ft's Easter basket chased by the biggest greasiest, cheesiest, baconiest burger on the planet, onion rings, and a chocolate shake, I didn't.

Instead I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast, a Turkey Wrap for lunch, edamame, carrot sticks, and raw mushrooms for a snack, and we're having a healthier version of shrimp tacos for dinner.

Because after all I'm banking on the fact that I gained muscle and not weight. I mean, it's got to be muscles, right? (looking desperately for confirmation :D )


Amy Mullis said...

It's either muscle or normal water-type fluctuations. Your body is still doing post-baby boogie dancing. I bet next week it'll be gone. You're mahvelous, dahling!

JLC said...

I agree with Amy. Two lbs. can be anything. (hug) You are doing great!

Average Jane said...

Thanks guys.. it took some serious willpower not to binge on everything in sight. LOL

Melanie Avila said...

Yes, yes, it's muscle! Keep up the awesome work!