Monday, March 29, 2010

Oy and Vey... and Then Some!

So I've been derailed...


There's a reason I've been silent. A big one.

Last Monday I got horrendously sick. I made the mistake of eating, among other things, a chicken soft taco with A LOT of hot sauce on it. Now as some of you know when I got pregnant with "the Tyrant" I craved jalapenos. Lots and lots of them. I ate them with everything. Even with pancakes and peanut butter once. I've never really eaten jalapenos before then so needless to say I pissed off my gall bladder and ended up in the emergency room one fine day about 7 weeks into my pregnancy. There wasn't anything they could do for me being pregnant and they told me to lay off the spicy food.

Which I did.

Well I had "the Tyrant" and forgot all about the emergency room episode and started eating spicy foods again. Monday night was not the first time I'd eaten them either. Well I woke up so sick and in pain. I spent 2 hours throwing up Monday night. Tuesday, any time I ate I threw up and got horribly sick (you'd think this would've sent me to the doctor, it didn't.) Wednesday I barely ate anything at all and still was throwing up and being horribly sick.

Thursday I ate a piece of dry toast. Miracles of miracles I didn't get sick. So an hour later I ate another piece of dry toast. Still no sick. I hadn't really eaten anything in two days so I ate another one. Well.. dry toast isn't the most delicious thing on the planet so I livened it up with some peanut butter. Not even a half teaspoon.. you could see the bread through the butter... I immediately got sick, started puking, and my gut started hurting so bad again I really wanted to be dead.

I went to the emergency room.

Turns out I had a really pissed off gall bladder as my doctor so succinctly put it and it needed to be removed immediately. I was admitted without warning and surgery was scheduled the following morning. Well they took pictures while they were removing it and I had gall stones that had escaped my gall bladder and were trying to get it on with my pancreas.

This equals a REALLY BAD thing.

So lucky me, I was scheduled for another procedure under anesthesia the next morning to retrieve the stones before they could make me really sick. (I wasn't really sick??? Could've fooled me.)

I got to come home yesterday. I'm not allowed to workout, lift anything over 10lbs (the Tyrant is 14lbs.. I'll be damned if I'm not holding my baby -- so I'm not exactly listening to that one fully), and a bunch of other things.

Again -- I'm told to lay off the spicy things. I think this time I'll listen.


june said...

Naughty LG! I know what's it's like when you love a certain food though. I always said if a Doctor told me "Lay off the cheese or you'll be dead in 2 weeks" - I'm pretty sure I'd be dead in 2 weeks!

Melanie Avila said...

*hoards all the hot sauce*

I am SO sorry! I know I'm late to this post but I'm glad to hear you made it through everything okay. I hope your recovery goes quickly.