Friday, May 7, 2010

On the Road Again!!

The metaphorical road as it were. Yep, you guessed it, I'm back on the wagon. Finally healed up from my gall bladder surgery and can get back to my old routines.


I've actually been healed up for a couple weeks but just couldn't find the wherewithal or the gumption to be proactive about anything. Other than eating.

Until last Monday. I had a major meltdown. We're talking of biblical proportions.

I had to go to a funeral. I had absolutely NOTHING to wear. I'd gotten rid of all my "fat" clothes because I was never going to fit in them again (you know, before I got pregnant) and none of my thin clothes fit because I haven't lost the baby weight yet. *sigh* Clothes were flying, tears were shed, and many curse words were muttered, as my well-dressed boys cowered in the corner. I finally found a black floral printed skirt and a black shirt that fit -- badly -- but fit and after my husband threatened to leave me behind (which normally I would've swooped on but he was seriously mad) I got my act together, calmed my happy ass down, and away we went.

It was awful. But bless my husband's heart he did keep telling me how beautiful I looked.

So I'm back at it. I'm dedicated. And I realized what my problem has been for the last couple weeks. I was taking the wrong approach AGAIN. Thinking of how I was NEVER going to be able to have things again.. which caused me to eat them for THE LAST time. We all know how that works. You eat them for the last time again and again and again. Now I'm back to if I want it, I eat it. I just don't eat a ton of it. Enough to curb the craving and then get rid of it. And if there's a way to make the unhealthier choices I may make healthier, then I'm all over it.

I've also started a Get Fit or Bust group over on Facebook so if any of you are still out there reading this (due to my sporadic-ness I wouldn't blame you if you weren't) and you want to fight in the healthy lifestyle war or just want to watch me battle...come on and join up. It's definitely worth the price of admission and the popcorn is calorie and fat free!!!


Le said...

FYI, your hubby wasn't lying. You did look beautiful on Monday. I thought you bought a new outfit : )

JLC said...

Im right there with you!! I've been noticing joint issues lately, but now that I am back on the exercise train, things are improving. I guess I've reached an age when I need regular maintenance. *sigh*

Lisa (The Average Jane) said...

Le -- thank you. Nope.. I'm glad I didn't look horrible.. I think you were blinded by Zack, tho.

Jen -- OMG I'm so right there with you. As we're children of the 80's.. as in we REMEMBER the early 80's.. ROFL I need the regular maintenance too.

Melanie Avila said...


I just try to tell myself that they'll make more of whatever it is I'm craving.

Then I worry they won't REALLY make more, but we don't need to discuss my neurosis here. :P