Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 6 and counting...

I have one question: How is it harder to get back on the wagon than it was to get on it originally?

I have always found this to be the case -- no matter what fad diet I've tried (and believe me there have been a few) the first time around I do splendidly until the ultimate spectacular crash into old habits and then when I pull myself out of the chuckwagon it is nigh impossible to do as again. Now, I'm not doing some crazy fad diet this time around (having learned my lesson that they DO NOT WORK), I'm doing a "sensible eating I can live with and exercise at least 3 days a week" (to start) plan and yet I'm struggling more this time around than I did previously.

Case and point. I took the kids to see my mom and dad today. Mom had 2 free coupons to go to an all-you-can eat pizza joint that's kind of like a Chuck E. Cheese but not. How could I tell my mom, "No, Mom, Don't take 5 of us out to lunch for 13 dollars -- go somewhere that'll cost 50." So I figure, that's okay, there's a salad bar, I'll eat a bunch of salad and like one slice of pizza and do fine. After all, I was able to do it before.

That was before. Didn't happen that way today. I so completely and totally overate today!

I already have my justifications in place. A.) I was really hungry. I'd only had a 3/4 serving of Cream of Wheat for breakfast this morning at 7 with my five-year-old son we didn't go to lunch until 1:30. B.) When we got our food and sat down to eat, my two-month-old son decided to start screaming like someone was killing him and thus barring the way to me and food fulfillment happiness. So 45 minutes later when my mom had finished eating and took my crying infant so I could eat, I'd gone from really hungry to eat my young ravenous.

To put it in perspective: I had to have horked down my weight in pizza by the time I was done shoveling food into my mouth.

I'm not beating myself up too much about it. In the grand scheme of things it could've been worse. I could've eaten horribly all day (which I have been known to do in the past) and really, it's only one day. One day! I won't gain 50lbs and turn into Jabba the Hut. I might not have lost as much weight this week but really isn't the whole point of lifestyle change being able to live with it? And it's the guilt when you "fall off the wagon" that brings on the yo-yo starvation/binge eating downward spiral, so I say, "Hallelujah to the Pizza Incident" and move on, knowing it'll be a cold day in hell before I set foot into another buffet or at least the mid 70's.


Melanie Avila said...

Is it wrong that now I want pizza? And I adore the word horked.

Average Jane said...

horked is one of my favorite words too.. Especially when it involves pesto and garlic pizza with pepperoni's on it.. :D

And yes it's wrong!!! :D