Sunday, March 14, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

In the wake of the "Pizza Incident" I almost didn't hop on the scale this morning.


But I couldn't resist it's siren call so I pulled it out from behind the fridge (I don't have the closet space to bury it behind the Christmas decorations anymore), blew off the lint bunnies, and prepared myself for the possibility that it'd read the same number as last week. I gingerly stepped on, thought light thoughts, tried to block the "Pizza Incident" out of my mind on the off chance I'd gain weight just thinking about it, and climbed on with my eyes closed.

Then for the moment of truth. I opened my eyes, looked down and WHOOPED!!! Even after the dreaded "Pizza Incident" I'd managed to lose 2.4 lbs. Hooray!!! I hopped off the scale, did a booty shake, and ran to my husband to brag about my accomplishment. He was pleased -- clearly thinks I'm crazy but he was pleased.

This morning I made Belgium waffles for my five-year-old. I'd originally planned on diving into a waffle and instead of swimming in the syrup, I would top it with fresh strawberries and light whipped cream. So I'd planned on being sorta good (do you know how many calories are in ONE Bisquick Belgium Waffle? It's ridiculous) but because I'd actually had positive results from the previous week I opted for my multi-grain english muffin with light peanut butter and a banana for breakfast instead.

I mean after all I'd just survived the "Pizza Incident" there was no need to have a "Waffle Incident" the next day.


JLC said...

Mmmm..Pizza. We do a special Friday Special night when we either order take-out or I toss a pizza in the oven. Amy's Pizza (found in the freezer section) makes an onion & artichoke heart pizza that is delicious, and no cheese! Congrats on the weight loss!

Melanie Avila said...

I find it's much easier to stick with a plan when you actually see results. Otherwise it's so easy to justify the bad stuff.

Amy Mullis said...

But I just had Bisquick Belgium waffles. Ouch! Ouch! (You're doing great!)

Average Jane said...

TurkeyGirl -- Mmmm that does sound good.. you have to officially stop talking about pizza!!!

MC Hoo -- yeah.. I was all set to eat a big ol' fat Belgium waffle but couldn't bring myself to do it.. I heart results!!!

DoodleSnot -- Did you drown them in syrup??? :D

(Is it weird that I nickname all my friends??? LOL)