Monday, March 15, 2010

Nutella equals the devil.


Can you ever just have one tablespoon full?

Not me.

Should I have backed away from the jar and it's delicious promises?


At 100 calories a tablespoon and half of that is fat, I dipped a banana in it at snack time at least 4 tablespoons worth but who's counting? I slathered that banana in hazelnut chocolatey goodness and devoured it. Easily 400 calories.. easily.

I was doing so well today too. Ate my standard breakfast (haven't gotten bored of it yet) and then had a turkey sandwich, carrot sticks w/ non fat ranch dip, and the greatest chip creation on the planet -- The PoPchip. Totally healthy for you (as chips go) and taste really good too (which is a plus).

And then 3:30 *cue horror music here*

I was like Jaws. I couldn't be stopped. Where was Roy Scheider when you need him? (you know, the guy from the Jaws movies -- the one that actually kills the shark. My attempt at being witty. Moving on.)

Now before my new healthy outlook on weight loss, I would have called it a day after a blunder like that and just stuffed my face with whatever I wanted while making empty promises to myself that I would start "for real" this time the next day. But, today I didn't. For dinner I had two shrimp soft tacos and that was it. I also worked out, did 150 crunches, 20 push ups (have I mentioned how much I hate those freaking things), and a lot of stretching.

Sometimes into every lifestyle change a little Nutella must fall. Savor it and move on.


JLC said...

Ugh! 3:30 is when the snackies hit. But I think you did the right thing. Usually, if I "give in" to delights during mid afternoon, then I have a much smaller dinner that evening. Its the 'deal' I make with myself.

(Side note - I've NEVER tasted Nutella before.)

Average Jane said...


How lucky you are!! I blame my family. My mom, dad, and sister came back from Paris blabbing about Nutella and banana crepes and how delicious they were..

I foolishly tried it and it's been the bane of my existence ever since.. but I keep my jar and don't throw it away because then I'm "dieting" and not lifestyle changing.. I just have to get the moderation under control... LOL

shadowferret said...

I just discovered the wonders of Nutella a few months ago. Oh. My. If I had no discipline, I'd eat the whole jar. As it was, between myself and the kids, we went through the jar in no time. I need to get some more.

Melanie Avila said...

Nutella is the nectar of the gods! Mmmmmmmm.

Jen, I may have to send you some. Your life will never be the same/