Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making Realistic Goals.

I set, looking back, and unrealistic goal. Lose roughly 150lbs in 1 year.

I came close.

I lost 109lbs in 9 months and then just stayed there. I was diligent as I wanted to lose a person but I only came close -- I was starting to plateau and all that nonsense. Then I was surprised by the conception of my second son, Mr. Grumpybutt and completely gave into my pregnancy cravings. I felt I had earned it and I didn't have Gestational Diabetes like I did with 3ft so I lived my pregnancy up to the fullest. Which means I gained 35 of those pounds back.

I don't regret it. Okay, maybe a little.

So now I want to lose 100lbs. I'd like to see it come off in a year (in 9 months even as I've done that before) but the closer to your goal you get the harder it is to get it to come off. So I'm making smaller weekly goals. Something I can see working. Something I can reward myself for achieving. Something to celebrate each week or try harder again for the next week.

I can do anything for seven days. Anything.

So, I want to lose 2lbs this week.

To achieve this, I'm going to work out with my buddy, Wii Fit, for 45 - 50 minutes a day (this includes Yoga and Strength and Balance Training) and burn at least 312 calories during that time. I'm back to eating 6 small meals to help stay full and satisfied all day long so I don't get ravenous and binge eat.

And besides if I can keep up a 2lb a week loss, I WILL lose the 100lbs in a year!!! :D

--Previous Day Tracking (to keep me honest)--

I did 47 minutes of Wii Fit - burning a total of 354 calories. I drank 12 glasses of water.

Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs w/ salsa and 1/2 cups of sliced strawberries
Mid-Morning Snack - turkey roll (slice of turkey lunch meat rolled around cooked broccoli and melted cheese)
Lunch - tuna salad lettuce wrap and 2 dill pickle spears
Mid-Afternoon Snack - 2 garlic stuffed olives, 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries, and a strawberry Gogurt Simple
Dinner - large salad w/ tasty vinaigrette and 1/2 of an enchilada
Evening Snack - 1 cup of Frosted Mini-Wheats


Melanie Avila said...

Good luck Lisa. I'm so impressed you lost so much before!

ab said...

Awesome on your perseverance!! You can do it! Keeping track like that & making yourself accountable does help. Keep up the good work!

Sullivan McPig said...

Good luck!
My owner will have to do some serious walking herself as she gained 4 kilos that have to be lsot again so we sympathise.