Sunday, July 4, 2010

Was Prepared.

I was prepared to confess all today about how badly I did yesterday -- Family Barbecue! (that should say it all) But when I wrote down what I'd eaten and how much of it I had -- it actually wasn't that bad. I mean it wasn't "good" as I ate over 500 calories in a single meal. But with all the food and as hungry as I was, it could've been much worse. (trust me, much worse. the food was good!!)

The problem I find with going to other people's barbecues is you eat on their schedule. Which is a major bummer for me. We didn't eat until around 6:30 last night. I usually have dinner at 5. So by the time dinner was served, I was starving. Which equals eating too much. And while I kept the potato salad down to about a quarter of a cup and 3ft picked the eggs out of it (he loves hard boiled eggs) and I kept it to one burger and didn't eat all the bun (the bun was huge) I still could've done better.

They're were snacks. But it was only chips and dip which is also not that healthy to consume mass amounts of and I ended up eating some to keep from being ravenous but I tried not to overdo. I think for the next barbecue I'm going to take some healthy snacks to munch on so I don't have this problem again.

I know this is a healthy lifestyle and I need to live and give myself some splurges but I'm so super motivated right now I don't want to. There will come a time when I'll need the splurge but right now I'd rather not. I'd also rather the splurge be on my terms and not driven by hunger because I've gone too long without eating anything.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Didn't do any. Drank 12 glasses of water. Day 21 of no soda.

Breakfast - Egg McMuffin w/out cheese and a Fruit N Yogurt Parfait w/out granola
Lunch - Tuna Salad Sandwich and 2 pickle spears
Mid-Afternoon Snack - 1/2 a frozen banana and chips and salsa
Dinner - barbecue hamburger (only partial bun), corn on the cob, and potato salad
Evening Snack - Angel Food Cake w/ blueberries and strawberries

total calories = 1534
total days = 26
total pounds lost = 11.3

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