Friday, August 6, 2010

Dinner Fail.

It's not very often but it sometimes happens when dinner doesn't turn out to be all that I had hoped for and is on the gross side as well. Last night was a shining example of such a moment.

I tried a recipe for Garlic Chicken that I found. Granted I didn't have all the ingredients but I'm a pro and adjusting a recipe to fit my needs. Now the chicken wasn't bad. Wasn't anything to write home to Mom and brag about either. So the chicken was really the high point of dinner.

I tried a new Rice-a-Roni flavor: Whole Grain Blends Chicken and Herb Classico. I won't buy it again. The rice was crunchy, it barely had any flavor, and it was greasy. 3ft and I forced ourselves to eat most of our portions but it was out of sheer stubborness. I normally really like Rice-a-Roni so I'm not sure what happened with this one. I do NOT recommend it at all.

I also made steamed broccoli (one of the only vegetables 3ft will eat without making faces as he's doing so). OMG it was nasty. It was inedible. The broccoli still looked good, it didn't smell bad (when it was raw that is) but after I cooked it with just salt and pepper (just like I normally do) it smelled disgusting and tasted even worse. Neither one of us could even eat it.

Total dinner fail. I mean dinner was so bad that 3ft asked if he could have his Kid's Cuisine Pizza Frozen Dinner tomorrow night (which is tonight). I said yes.

And because I felt so awful about dinner being so sub par I let 3ft have milk and cookies after he finished his chicken and most of his rice. I had a Lemon Angel Food Mini-Cake and some berry sorbet to soften the horrible dinner blow. So in the end we were both happy (3ft and I) but it was a major disappointment nonetheless.

And to top it off, my rump is majorly sore. I rode the exercise bike last night. I really need to remember to take an extra towel or small pillow or something. That seat has like NO padding on it whatsoever and then to be sitting on it for a little over a half an hour is pure torture. I think if my butt hadn't hurt so bad near the end I could've hit 8 miles on the bike instead of a pithy 7.86. Just saying.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Bicycling: 33 minutes; resistance = 6; speed = 14.3mph; distance = 7.86 miles -- burning approximately 674 calories

Only Water - Day 54.

Breakfast - Egg Sandwich and sliced bananas
Lunch - Barbecue Pork Sandwich, grilled zucchini, and handful of Pirate Popcorn
Mid-Afternoon Snack - Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal w milk and Lemon Angel Food Mini-Cake
Dinner - Garlic Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice and a Lemon Angel Food Mini-Cake w/ sorbet.

total calories = approx. 1441
total days = 59
total pounds lost = 23.1


April said...

You're doing great! I wonder why the Rice-A-Roni and broccoli turned out so poorly? I love Special K Vanilla Almond you've made me want to go get some!

Lisa Dovichi said...

April -- it's my FAVORITE cereal!!! I think it was the brand of Rice a Roni because all the other flavors I've had are great. And I think the broccoli must have been rotten disguised as still good. LOL

Thanks for the encouragement!!!