Saturday, August 7, 2010


The title could be taken literally as yesterday I worked out with Richard Simmons and he wears sparkly workout clothes while he cheerfully eggs you on. Fridays are usually bad days to try and workout in the evening. My husband doesn't get home til later what with traffic and late afternoon meetings. Yesterday was no exception as he didn't get home til nearly a quarter til nine. I haven't been doing my workout videos lately but I was having an "aggressive" day yesterday and needed to sweat out some anger. Thus me and my favorite glittery-clad guy sweated to some oldies. It helped manage my anger issues so that was a positive.

Why did I have anger issues, you ask? Well 3ft had one of his little friends come over to play in his room yesterday (said friend shall be forever referred to as "the monster"). In the course of a half an hour "the monster" told 3ft on 3 separate occasions over various issues that if 3ft didn't bend to "the monster's" will and do what he wanted then "the monster" was going home.

The conversations went something like this:
the monster: Do you want me to go home?
3ft: No.
the monster: then let me put your kung zhu in this clamp and beat him against the floor.
3ft: No. I'm playing with him. You brought your kung zhu, do it to yours.
the monster: No. I want yours.
(they somehow resolved this without Rocco the Kung Zhu being harmed in any way)

the monster: Do you want me to go home?
3ft: No.
the monster: Then give me that block.
3ft: I had it first. You have the car block and there are a bunch of others. You have to share.
the monster: If you don't give me that block, I'm going to go home. Do you want me to?
3ft: No.
(they somehow resolved this without any hurt feelings but at this point I'm really starting to get annoyed with "the monster")

the monster: Do you want me to go home?
3ft: No.
the monster: Then give me your Tie Fighter.
3ft: (starting to get upset) No. I don't want you to break it.
the monster: Fine, I'm going home. (standing in the middle of 3ft's room and staring 3ft down)
3ft: starts to cry.
the monster: I'm going home.
3ft: crying harder
the monster: I mean it, 3ft, I'm leaving.
Me: What is going on. (I know what's going on. I've been listening and watching the monster ENJOY making 3ft cry)
3ft: with more tears he tells me the monster is leaving and he doesn't want him to go.
Me: You're leaving because you didn't get your way? (to the monster)
the monster: (looking guilty) No. I just want to go home.
Me: Then leave.
the monster: (looking at 3ft) I'm leaving.
Me: Leave. Now. Go home.
the monster: (still looking at 3ft) I'm going home.
Me: Yes. We've established that. Go home, now!

The little beast was enjoying making 3ft cry. It was like he was reveling in it. Talk about a sociopath in the making! I could've killed the child. It was all I could do not to physically remove the child from my house. I spent the next 10 minutes calming 3ft down and explaining what "the monster" did was wrong and how proud I was of 3ft sticking up for himself.

So then I had to workout the aggression before I went and picked a fight with "the monster's" parents which the less said about them the better, trust me.

Yesterday was also awesome because the title of this blog could also be taken metaphorically. I got the jalapeno spices my awesome sister, Crystal, shipped to me last night. I'm ever so excited and can't wait to make Homemade Potato Chips again today with the jalapeno flavoring. She also sent a bunch of other flavors that I can't wait to cook with. So all my spice packets are shining like gold at me and just begging to be used.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Low impact aerobics with Richard Simmons -- burning approximately 594 calories

Only Water - Day 55.

Breakfast - Cream of Wheat
Lunch - Barbecue Chicken Sandwich, grilled zucchini, and a banana pecan muffin
Mid-Afternoon Snack - pretzels and peanut butter
Dinner - Eggs, potatoes, and a slice of toast

total calories = approx. 1218
total days = 60
total pounds lost = 23.1


Angie said...

Ooh, what a little jerk! Yeah, total sociopath in the making. I'm proud of you for not wringing his evil little neck. ;)

Lisa Dovichi said...

If orange was even remotely flattering on me I would've choked the little brat! But I wouldn't look good in prison wear. :D