Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Party Survival

3ft was invited to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. The whole family was invited which was super cool I thought. That is, until we got there. I remember Chuck E. Cheese's as being awesome. This place had to have been violating fire code occupancy levels. It was jammed back from corner to small corner with screaming kids -- mine included. They had so many birthday tables jammed in that you couldn't walk in between them when people were sitting in the chairs. It was crazy. I wouldn't want to work there.

Well, I survived the pizza party. I splurged a little, I mean it was a party. But I didn't get out of control. They had a veggie tray, a bunch of different kind of pizzas, mini sandwiches, french fries, and then, of course, birthday cake and ice cream. I had two small slices of vegetarian pizza (Mr. Grumpybutt chewed on the crusts), a mini sandwich (like three bites), some celery off the veggie tray, and I shared a small slice of cake and ice cream with the husband and Mr. Grumpybutt so I really ended up only have a couple bites.

When dinner time rolled around I wasn't very hungry so I just had some tea and mini toast.

Sure, I probably went over my usual calorie counts yesterday (not that I really count calories anymore. If the scale starts climbing again I will, but as long as I'm maintaining a steady weight loss and feel good, I'm just going to wing it) but I'm not worried about it. I don't feel guilty. It was a party. I had fun. I talked with other grown ups, snacked on terrible food, savored delicious chocolate cake with custard and fresh strawberry filling, and played with my kids. I felt normal and the birthday boy's mom told me how great I looked. So you know, the day was a win!

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Took the day off.

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 139

Only Water - Day 133

Total Pounds Lost - 52.9

Breakfast - eggs, banana slices, and 2 small slices of cinnamon swirl toast
Morning Snack - cucumbers with Italian dressing and carrots with hummus.
Lunch - Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Party
Mid-Afternoon Snack - (late lunch)
Dinner -Tea and 2 small slices of cinnamon swirl toast


Tuekey Girl said...

I had to take my class on a field trip to CC each year. I believe it is the gateway to purgatory. *shiver*.

Lisa Dovichi said...

Tuekey Girl -- I think it's the eighth level of hell. They say there are only 7, but "they" must've never been to Chuck E Cheese.