Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chocolate and Jeans.

I totally forgot to blog yesterday. So this is going to be a two day blog.

On Friday, I tried out a new recipe for Triple Chocolate Brownies. Let me just tell you they could be death by chocolate and they're so rich and chocolatey, you really only want to eat one. But you savor every chocolatey delicious bite while you have it. You'd never know they were "healthier". I fed them to a friend who came over for a play date and she had no idea. She just kept raving how delicious they were.

Yesterday, I tried out a new recipe for chocolate dipped coconut macaroons. OMG! They're so delicious. They actually aren't that bad for you either. I've been on a huge baking kick because the holidays are coming up and I give a lot of "baked good" gifts (I have a big extended family that I can't afford presents for). So we buy for the kids and then exchange yummy goodies with the adults. So since I'm doing the healthy lifestyle thing I'm changing up my old recipes for healthier versions and then testing out to see how they compare. You wouldn't know the triple chocolate brownies were "healthier" and the same could be said for the macaroons.

Naturally I have to taste the new recipes. So, instead of my normal snack yesterday I had a macaroon and then one dipped in chocolate to see which is better. I couldn't decide but I'm proud to say that I didn't keep eating them until the answer presented itself. I was able to stop at just 2. And that never gets old to brag about -- it's still so new and awesome that I have control when it comes to stuff like that

I 'm so excited to say that I've moved out of the Women's Plus Sized section and into regular sized clothes! Nunan, the girl that tortured me all through 8th grade and beyond (although she'd try to tell you I tortured her -- don't listen, she's a liar and a cheat), sent me the most awesome card on the planet. Not only did she hand make it (which is awesome she's so creative) but included in it was a shopping spree at Target. I started trying on pants and decided to grab a size 18 off the regular rack instead of a plus sized woman's 18 (they're different, the regular one is cut smaller) and it totally FIT!!! The sweater and jeans I got were out of the regular section!!!! I'll try to get a picture later today of me wearing them. I couldn't be more excited!! *bouncing*

I'm also excited to report that I've lost another 2.7 lbs last week and that makes the grand total 52.9! I'm hoping to drop another 15lbs before Christmas which is basically 2 months away. I don't think it's unattainable but if I don't make it to a total of 75lbs lost by then, I'm not going to cry about it. I'm enjoying the journey as much as I'm enjoying the rewards.

I was so busy yesterday, I didn't eat as healthy as I would've liked. We ended up at Costco around dinner time and the family was hungry so we ate there. I had a hot dog. But with living, things like that happen, and I enjoyed that hot dog without guilt because I'm NOT dieting! And I'd say that saying right there is one of the biggest reasons for my success. "I'm NOT dieting!"

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - 30 minute walk, 300 crunches, and 70 push ups.

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 138

Only Water - Day 132

Total Pounds Lost - 52.9

Breakfast - bowl of FiberOne Raisin Bran Clusters w/ homemade Almond Milk
Morning Snack - chocolate dipped coconut macaroons (had to taste test a new recipe)
Lunch - McDonald's Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad
Mid-Afternoon Snack - none
Dinner - Coscto Hot Dog


Susana & Chris said...

Yay for misses sized clothes - hot mama!

Lisa Dovichi said...

See, you say nice stuff like that and it almost makes me feel bad for calling you a liar and a cheat. :D ALMOST!

Turkey Girl said...

Oh wow, this post makes me hungry for chocolate... *drool*

Melanie Hooyenga said...

This accomplishment must feel extra good. Better than extra chocolate any day. :)

Lisa Dovichi said...

Turkey -- they totally satisfied my chocolate cravings! :D

Hooey -- Oh yeah, I'm not ashamed to admit I squealed in the dressing room when I put on the regular sized 18's.. LOL

BeckyNeighbor said...

Lisa! Yay! Misses dept?! I am so excited for you - I am SO working towards that too. I'm just catching up on the blogs from the weekend, so I wanted to say great job!

Lisa Dovichi said...

Thanks Becky!! How did D-day go? I'm going to run over to your blog right now and see if you updated anything!