Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've Got Moves.

Or something.

Sunday evening, a song came on the radio that is on my PS2 Dance Dance Revolution game. 3ft heard it and it reminded him of the dancing game so he asked if we could do "dancing" after school on Monday. I told him that'd be awesome but we had to wait until Mr. Grumpybutt took his nap.

I like playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) so it'd be fun. I also figured he'd forget.

He didn't.

When I walked into the living room from having put down the baby, the dance pads were already pulled out and unfolded and 3ft was standing there holding the game. So we put on some sweats and took off our shirts (I was wearing a sports bra already and he likes to dance topless) and set up the game.

I have zero coordination and 3ft has even less. So it doesn't help my cause to try and focus on getting all the steps when I'm laughing at the awesome dance moves 3ft is busting out next to me. But, it was fun and I like it when 3ft exercises with me. It takes my mind off of what I'm doing and it's good for his asthma. Plus I think he likes the mommy time without his brother competing for attention. And 3ft's already asked if we can do it again today. So we'll see.

Have I mentioned how much I hate push ups? I hate them. But I added the 5 to make 30 twice a day. I'm going to be buff. Anyone wanna arm wrestle? I also added the 25 crunches so now its 125 twice a day. Both are necessary evils (the push ups especially) to losing the inches.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - 30 minute walk, 35 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution, 250 crunches, and 60 push ups.

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 126

Only Water - Day 121

Total Pounds Lost - 48

Breakfast - bowl of FiberOne Honey Clusters w/ homemade Almond Milk
Morning Snack - Cranberry Almond Scone and hot tea w/ sugar free vanilla creamer
Lunch - Ham sandwich, pickle, carrots and hummus
Mid-Afternoon Snack - 1/2 peanut butter and banana sandwich, handful of popcorn, and a couple chocolate covered almonds
Dinner - Roasted Chicken with homemade barbecue glaze and baked veggies: celery, potatoes, carrots, and onions


Sullivan McPig said...

That dancing game sounds like fun.

Turkey Girl said...

LOL! I experience the same sort of laughter when doing yoga with my munchkins. Oh the poses they make!!

Lisa Dovichi said...

Sully -- it's TONS of fun and a really great workout. I know I was sweating after I was done. :)

Turkey -- LOL I bet it's so cute. Do they name their poses too? Some of the names 3ft was coming up with his moves were cracking me up.

"This is the 'toe crack shaker spin'." that was one of my favorites.

Melanie Hooyenga said...

I smell a dance-off.

At least I hope that's what I smell.

Lisa Dovichi said...

Hooey -- I'd give you a run for your money once I get my Hammer Pants. :D

Until then, 3ft, dancing in only his boxers, is the clear winner. :D