Friday, October 29, 2010

Wake Me Up...

Before you go-go.

Third day in a row of Just Dance 2. Still loving it. I shook it to the Beetle Juice song -- you know the one at the end that Winona Ryder dances to because she like got an A on a test or something? Yeah that one and then you probably figured out I Go-go'd with Wham! I love the eclectic mix of music on it.

I also busted out my push ups and crunches and since the weather was nice the Grumpybutt and I went for a walk before we walked over to pick up 3ft. It's funny, other than the bane of my existence (the push ups) and the crunches, I don't really feel like I'm working out. I know I am because I'm losing weight, and working up a sweat, but I'm mostly just having fun. When the weather turns I'm hoping to get back into the gym to battle it out with "The Walker" and "Sweaty Guy on the Bike" but right now I'm just enjoying goofing around.

I surprised 3ft last night with hamburgers and french fries for dinner. Well he had a cheeseburger. I perfected my patty. I used 1/4lb ground turkey and a 1/4lb lean beef. I added some Worcestershire Sauce, ketchup, sauteed onions and chopped garlic, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and some grill seasoning. I made four patties and then stuck them on parchment paper and stuck them in the freezer (I do all my dinner prep work during Grumpybutt's afternoon nap so I can just quickly throw dinner together at dinnertime). The patties had a lot of moisture and they were thin so I figured freezing them would help them keep their shape while they started cooking. It totally worked out perfectly. 3ft inhaled his cheeseburger like it was ambrosia. And was super excited about the homemade french fries.

The fries were super easy because I got a Chef's Envy for an early Christmas present. It's basically a mandolin (which I really really wanted). So it cut those fries up in no time and they were all the same size and perfect. I was so proud of them. But the camera's battery was dead so I couldn't take any pictures and 3ft was circling like a vulture so I couldn't wait for them to charge. Next time.

I also made another batch of cranberry chocolate granola bars yesterday. I cut way back on the chocolate and made a more caramel type sauce to mix into the oats and it turned out super delicious. I sprinkled a little kosher salt on the top so it's a sweet and salty type of deal and it was all I could do not to eat the whole pan. We'll see how it is the second day because I'm looking forward to horking down a bar for snack today.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - 30 minute power walk, 30 minutes of Just Dance 2, 350 crunches, and 80 push ups

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 143

Only Water - Day 137

Total Pounds Lost - 52.9

Breakfast - FiberOne Honey Clusters w/ homemade almond milk
Morning Snack - FiberOne Granola Bar
Lunch - Ham sandwich, carrots w/ hummus, and sweet pickles. Split a sugar free pudding with the Grumpybutt and 3ft.
Mid-Afternoon Snack - homemade cranberry chocolate granola bar
Dinner -Hamburger and homemade french fries.


Susana & Chris said...

I'm sure you don't know, because you live in the ghetto, but here in the big city you can go to the store and get already cut and frozen "french fries". Crazy right? I know!

Turkey Girl said...

Mmm... Fries and granola bars. *tummy grumble*

Lisa Dovichi said...

Nunan, but they taste so much better when you make them from scratch. So suck it, B! :P

Turkey Girl, and it was sooooo delicioussssss.. *helping the tummy grumbles*

BeckyNeighbor said...

Good for you with the exercise! You are going to town.

That cheeseburger sounds excellent. Now I have to go look up Chef's Envy online. I also want to look into one of those bullet things. Don't they make easy shakes/other stuff? I don't know but I really love kitchen gadgets. I'm going to try to learn to use them too. lol.

PS. I've been meaning to tell you that I love Grumpybutt's nickname. I always think of him as one of the seven dwarfs.

Lisa Dovichi said...


I have a magic bullet. I like it, but the only thing I really use it for is a blender. I find the chop features aren't that fabulous but you can't beat making a smoothie in a cup you plan to drink it from!

I heart HEART kitchen gadgets. That's pretty much my whole Christmas list. LOL

BeckyNeighbor said...

AHHH. The Magic Bullet that's it. I got distracted reading things online and forgot to look for it. I figure it's the ultimate in laziness/making your own food. Making a smoothie in the cup you drink it out of is genius.

My Christmas list has kitchen things on it too. The big one is that the hubby and I are going to forgo small gifts this year and get a chest freezer. We've been wanting one forever and it's only going to help us in the long run. We'll have more food right at home vs. taking the easy way out to run and get some take-out because there's nothing to eat. We are famous for that.