Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Partied Like It's 1999!

So, I lost 6 lbs last week, right? Guess how I celebrated on Sunday night. By eating my weight in Doritos Spicier Nacho Chips and espresso fudge crunch. Yep. Our neighbors brought over some really heinous coffee flavored cake with peanut butter frosting (super gross) and some espresso fudge crunch that was incredibly good. I'd been craving chocolate for girl reasons so I ate a square, then needed salt and spicy so had some chips, then needed sweet so ate another square, then needed salt and spicy so more chips... you get the idea. I partied like it was 1999 with food.

Am I guilty? Nope. Am I on a shame spiral? Nope. Should I have not overdone it as much as I did? Probably. But do I care? Nope. I'm living. I wanted it. I ate it. And when I thought I would puke if I had another bite (yes I really did go overboard, I'm not kidding) I threw the rest of it away (not the chips... those are the husbands) but the fudge and icky cake so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it again yesterday.

Yesterday, I walked 5 miles to the post office. My legs are sore today. But, as soon as I get the Grumpybutt down for his nap I plan on jogging my 30 minutes anyway. Go me.

Last night I made fish and chips for dinner. I breaded some Red Snapper in Panko (Japanese Bread Crumbs -- better for you than normal bread and crispier too when you cook them) and then fried them in a little olive oil with seasonings. Turned out so good. 3ft had two servings of fish he liked it so much. He has declared that Fish is his favorite and we need to have it more often. The husband, who hates fish and fish smells, is ecstatic about the idea of more fish in the house... really. Not!

I baked a ton of brownies yesterday and only ate a couple crumbs. Doing coconut macaroons today and hoping to only eat a couple. Plus I've got to frost an army of gingerbread people. Christmas baking = busy girl.

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 189

Total Pounds Lost - 70.9 lbs

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