Sunday, December 12, 2010

Switch ups and Jogging


I don't know if it's the cereal switch up, the jogging 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, or the fact I've been eating provolone cheese on my sandwiches instead of mayonnaise but I lost 6.1 pounds last week. Let me say that again SIX point ONE pounds last week!!! So I'm point one pound shy of having lost 71 lbs. I'm beyond ecstatic. And I'm totally stoked to have achieved my mini 15-pound goal with 5.9 pounds to spare. How awesome is that? SUPER AWESOME!!!

On Friday, I jogged, had a play date with my friend Riana and her kids at their house, did some baking, and made Enchizagna's for dinner (enchilada/lasagna).

On Saturday, the husband had to work but was able to carpool in so I had a car. I did a lot of running around and shopping. I hit Target for more baking supplies and Christmas shopping, and then I had 20 bucks of Kohl's money so I went there and found some ornaments for this year.

And I still have more running around to do today. 3ft's got a birthday party, then we need to go to Safeway, Costco, Richards (a craft store), and back to Target for some things I forgot. But before I got swamped I just had to share my elation that I've lost SEVENTY POINT NINE POUNDS!!!!

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 187

Total Pounds Lost - 70.9 lbs


The Blaine gang said...

Wowzers!!! I would die and go to heaven if I could lose 6 pounds in one week! :) Way to go Lisa!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Happy 70 pounds!!!

Lisa Dovichi said...

Thanks guys!! :)