Thursday, December 9, 2010

Child for Sale.

I'm finally getting to sit down for a second and have a moment to myself. I've had a crazy busy day.

I jogged for 30 minutes this morning. That makes 4 days in a row this week. I'm ever so proud of myself and so is the little balance board on the Wii Fit. Or so it tells me. He looks a little shifty to me though, so I don't know if he can be trusted.

I chased after Grumpybutt all day. He's pulling himself up to a stand against anything and everything. That kids gone on so many headers and butt plops I'm just beside myself. I'm thinking about getting him toddler football gear complete with a helmet so he survives this phase. So, that has kept me busy.

And if those weren't enough, 3ft suckered me into making Gingerbread Cookie Pops for his class. Now, could I go the easy route and buy a couple boxed kits to make them from? Oh, no..... I've got to make the gingerbread from scratch, cut down the "pop" sticks, sand them, then wash them, then roll out the dough, cut the shapes, bake them, make homemade cinnamon royal icing, and then frost those bad boys. However they're totally not that bad for you as it's my gingerbread recipe. I think they turned out pretty cute, though:

After 34 cookies baked, cooled, iced, and packaged -- I'm pooped and would sell my first born for a back rub. Actually, make that my second born -- he's the one who makes me feel like I should be in the Notre Dame Cathedral (get it? I'm hunchback from bending over him while he holds my hands and walks. So I'm like Quasimoto. Get it? I crack myself up).

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 184

Total Pounds Lost - 64.8


Melanie Hooyenga said...

When people say they make things from scratch, I don't think they mean to imply to have to cut down your own tree for the sticks! :)

Very impressive AND cute.

Lisa Dovichi said...

Well, not to make myself seem less impressive, LOL, but I actually bought dowels to use as the pop sticks but they were way too freaking long.. so I had to cut them in half and then I had to sand it down so kids wouldn't get splinters or anything. Of course then I had to wash them because sawdust in gingerbread probably isn't delicious. So it was quite the task, in retrospect I could've probably used Popsicle sticks. *smacks head* LOL