Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Evil Spawn.

Oy. and Vey. My children got me up at 5 am this morning. FIVE A.M.! I keep trying to tell them that it's an ungodly hour and that only Satan's little playmates get up that early so they must be evil children. They snicker wickedly and continue on with their devilish ways. It's not right I tell you. Not right. How did such an angelic girl such as myself get saddled with spawn of evil? That's what I want to know.

So, I've already jogged this morning. I woke up grumpy, irritable, and downright bitchy if I do say so myself and I knew it was going to be a long day. So I remembered babbling something about endorphin highs yesterday on Facebook and how great I felt after jogging. So at 5:30 I pulled on my sweats and sports bra, turned on the Wii Fit, and started jogging. My husband did his best to keep the Grumpybutt entertained and 3ft enjoyed watching my Mii fall (which proves 3ft really is evil). If you run to fast your Mii trips and falls and this morning you'd have thought my Mii didn't tie her shoes. But I jogged for 30 minutes and felt much better after. Now I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day, how awesome is that?

I made homemade Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes for dinner last night. They turned out really good. I was impressed with myself. Next time I think I might throw a little ham or bacon inside them and make them a main dish instead of a side dish (especially for how much effort they were to make). 3ft liked them but what he went back for seconds on was the green beans. I spend over an hour and a half making scalloped potatoes and my son goes back for the canned green beans that took me 3 minutes to pour into a bowl and nuke. *sighs* At least he's eating his vegetables.

So we're up and at 'em and ahead of schedule this morning. Go Team Dovichi!

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 183

Total Pounds Lost - 64.8


June Kramin said...

I admire your perseverance with your workouts. I'm always up early but can't drag myself out of bed - let alone for a workout. Go you! :)

Lisa Dovichi said...

:D Stalkerbug -- it was either that or kill the kids. I figured in the long run jogging would be less hassle than prison. :D

Melanie Hooyenga said...

If I can drag my butt out of bed I like working out first thing in the morning for both reasons you said -- it wakes you up and more importantly, then it's over for the rest of the day. Anything else (like a walk, etc) is bonus.