Monday, January 17, 2011

6 AM -- Day 2

Oy and Vey!!

6am is incredibly early. Incredibly early. And I say this when I haven't been able to sleep in til 7 since I had my first son almost 6 years ago (3ft's birthday is this Thursday). Maybe because I'm rolling out of bed to put on clothes instead of just trudging around the apartment for a couple hours in pj's but 6am sucks. Just saying.

However, what doesn't suck is having my workout done for the day. So, yes, I will drag my tired butt out of bed tomorrow and do it again.

This morning was cool. I made my friend, Riana, go with me. She beat me to the gym, couldn't figure out where the light switch was (insert my snickering here), scared herself silly with her overactive imagination (cue more snicker and even full on chuckling), and so we ended up going for a little over 2 mile power walk around the neighborhood because there could "rapists" lurking in the gym at 6am, don't you know. (more laughter) When I made fun of her (yes I'm that kind of friend) she assured me she was going to tell me, "I told you so," when I'm raped at 6am in the gym.

So that was the excitement that started my morning. We walked in the dark, passed a woman walking by herself, to which we both thought that wasn't the smartest thing ever -- at least get a big dog, and got home before the sun came up (we were both a little disappointed by that). But we got a good walk in, and felt pretty good. Tomorrow it's the gym so we can workout a little harder on the equipment.

So tomorrow, imaginary rapist be damned, we're working out in the gym.

Oh, and yeah, Riana is WAY prettier than me, just saying!!!

(more snickering)

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Melanie Hooyenga said...

I LIKE being done working out before the sun comes up. Then it's like it happened, but it feels like it didn't, and I can go all day without worrying about it.

If that makes sense.

Good to know you have the same sick sense of humor that I do. ;)