Monday, January 31, 2011

A Drawback of Weightloss...

Skinnier fingers. Which in and of itself is a good thing until you add into the equation one wedding ring.

Skinnier fingers + wedding ring = lost.

Yes, I freaking lost my wedding ring. I've been talking for MONTHS about how I need to get it resized because it was getting way to loose on my skinnier fingers. I'd even had it slip off a time or two. Now, did I get it resized? Nope. Did I stop wearing it? Double nope. I could kick myself.

Somewhere after dinner when I massaged olive oil and sage into chicken breasts (oh yeah, *cue porn music* the chicken liked it) but before the husband and I watched Machete (which was an awesome over-the-top action movie, btw) I lost my ring. It slipped off my finger and I didn't feel it this time.

The husband and I rifled through the garbage in the house, dumpster dived to get the garbage we'd thrown away earlier and then rifled through it, checked the car, the mailbox, the sidewalk, all the pockets of every pair of pants I own (not just the ones I was wearing), and I stuck my hand into the black, murky, disgusting depths of the garbage disposal. No ring. We turned our apartment upside down looking for it and can't find it anywhere. I even called Safeway (we'd gone grocery shopping after dinner) and no one turned it in (shock, I know).

The ring is well and truly lost. The first ring a boy ever picked out and bought just for me. The only wedding ring I've ever had. The one I've worn for the last 9 years. Gone. I'm devastated. My husband keeps telling me he'll get me a new and better one, bless his heart, but I just want the one I had back, you know?

I know there are worse things that could happen to a person than losing enough weight to lose a wedding ring but it still sucks the big one, sideways, while choking.

I know I've been awful quiet lately which some people might take as a sign that I haven't been doing my healthy lifestyle or exercising as that's been my MO in the past. And while you're not all together right you aren't all together wrong either. Mostly I haven't been blogging because when I think of it the Grumpybutt won't let me and then I forget about it til I'm in bed. So, I'll do it tomorrow, and then it's the same routine all over again. But some of it is: I haven't been doing as well as I could be.

I'm an emotional stress eater. I know I've mentioned this before. Well my one-year-old has been stressing me the hell out on a daily basis since his birthday. We're trying to wean him off his bottle and trying to get him to eat FOOD at the same time. I swear this child is going to suck on his bottle til he's 18 years old. Perhaps if he can't get a date to prom he'll give up the bottle. He is killing me. I battle with every meal and snack time to get him to eat something. Anything. Let me rephrase. Anything BESIDES Cheetos.

And so he fusses and whines constantly because he's hungry and he wants a bottle. And I battle wills with him that he has to eat SOMETHING before he can have a bottle and I only let him have 3 bottles a day. By the time I get the Grumpybutt down for his naps, I'm frazzled and just shy of an emotional breakdown. So what do I do? I eat.

On the plus side: I'm binging on healthy food.

On the negative side: Calories still add up. It's still a horrible thing to do and I know this while I do it but still can't stop but at least it's not awful for me food, you know?

However, while I've gained a little weight back it's not much -- about 5lbs. I've been walking over 3 miles a day -- at a 12 minute mile pace -- everyday before picking up 3ft from school. So that's at least some balance in the upswing of food inhalation.

I've not completely fallen off the wagon but I'd say it's dragging me behind it. I can't let stress win, so I'm dusting myself off and hopping back on the healthy wagon of life. No more binging, damn it, even if it is on healthy foods!


June Kramin said...

Sorry about your ring! It may still turn up. Don't give up hope! You'll curb the eating. If you know the cause - that has to help. You've come too far to fall back. ((hugs))

Turkey Girl said...

I have so much to comment on here.

The ring - I was actually at a jeweler to attach a pendant to a new necklace and she cleaned my wedding ring while I was there. We were gabbing about jewelry and hubs was looking at getting a 'casual' wedding band. The subject of ring replacements came up and do you know, there are PLENTY of women out there who want an 'UPGRADE' from their first wedding ring. Not because they lost the first one, but because it wasn't "expensive enough" Romantic.
My mom put her wedding stones into a pendant (The same pendant I went to the jeweler about) because while she was going through chemotherapy and taking steroid medications for cancer treatment, her fingers swelled. So finally she gave up and made a pendant out of it. Wore it around her neck until the day she passed away. Now I wear it.

Food & Stress - Give yourself a bit of a break. Kids are stressful, no doubt about it. So keep the snacky foods in the grocery store and stock the house with foods that need to be prepared, then allow yourself a treat for getting through the day with your hair intact around 3pm (munchy time) and keep sticking with the healthy stuff. Or..if you are really feeling stressed, eat one of 3ft's sandwiches. ;)

Mysti said...

We've struggled with eating and our toddler for over two years (he's 2 and a half now!) and he still takes a bottle. I've found it easier to pick one battle at a time - for now we are working on increasing his calories from food (and Cheetos *used* to be a staple for him!) and we'll worry about the bottle later (and we have a plan for that!).

Pick your battles. Not all kids are the same, especially toddlers. The one thing that stays the same: they feel our stress. When we stress, life for them becomes more challenging and instead of being a helpful and supportive parent, we turn into monsters who cringe at every "task" that encompasses their lives.

If you want to work on calories from food (which will reduce the calories from a bottle) then pick that. Use Cheetos as an incentive. If grumpybutt eats 3 bites of this food, he can have 3 Cheetos. Remember that you need to use small numbers, preferably numbers used on a daily basis. It helps keep everything on a simple level. If grumpybutt doesn't eat three bites, he doesn't get three Cheetos. Yes, he'll throw a fit. Yes, he will yell and cry... put him in time out for the fit (1 minute per year of age) and be consistent. It will take a couple weeks before the patterns set in, but it will happen.

And I apologize if this sounds like I'm telling you *what* to do. I've been round and round with this wonderful toddler of mine - and we've just recently hit 60 to 70 percent of his calories from food; most of which comes from peanut butter and brown sugar oatmeal. :)

Big hugs!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Lisa, I'm so sorry about your ring. :(

Don't beat yourself up too much for slipping. You've done SO WELL for so long that a break was needed. You know this doesn't define you. You'll get back to it soon enough.