Friday, February 25, 2011

White Mochas...

Are the nectar of the gods when your toddler decides to not sleep the night through the last three nights in a row. And as I really don't like the taste of coffee, immersed in white chocolaty goodness is the only way I can get the caffeine jolt past the lips and over the gums for my belly to look out cuz here it comes. I don't drink them often, I don't really do the whole caffeine thing on a whole, but once in awhile I need the buzz to take the fuzz off my brain. So I had one this morning. I'm not in the least bit guilty either. I figure wrestling with the 23ish-pound-Grumpybutt not through one store but two and then carrying him the whole way walking home from my friend, Riana's house, should've burned off the excess calories. Especially with all the squirming he did.

And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'm totally excited to announce that I got a pedometer today. I asked my friend, Nunan (a HUGE inspiration for me), what one she had and if she loved it. So after not being able to find the brand she had (which is Weight Watchers, by the way), I at least found one that did all the stuff hers did. Especially since she said she loved it and I really want to know what kind of mileage I'm putting in a day. I think it'll be fun to see. So I'm going to start using it everyday and then, of course, brag about how far I'm going. Lucky you.

I also got a new pair of pants -- not for the ultra cool reason of dropping another size but because my washer ate my favorite pair and I needed another one because I was down to one pair that actually fits right. It was almost a horrible experience. I picked out a pair because I liked the butt pockets and tried them on (I almost didn't as they're the same brand and size and cut of the pair of jeans I was already wearing). They fit my legs and rump great but I couldn't get them buttoned or zipped over my stomach. I was horrified. So help me, Bob, I even laid down on the dressing room floor to try and make them fit.

Devastated, but putting on a brave face, I took them back to the rack of pants when I saw a couple other size 18s. For grins and giggles I held them and the one I had together and the one I had was an inch smaller around the waist than the other pants labeled the exact same (I got some sizing freak of nature pair on my first grab, I guess). I ran back to the dressing room, slapped the other 18s on and voila... fit perfectly. Much relief. I couldn't believe I'd gotten fatter when I hadn't gained any weight and was still actually losing -- albeit slowly.

So in celebration of not having gotten fatter, thank goodness (look how I say it's not about the weight but have a mini meltdown thinking I'd gained some inches -- talk about a hypocrite, eh?), I bought a couple new shirts too. They were on sale so I got three -- a white, black, and purple one. Hooray for new clothes now I feel all sassy rocking my new wardrobe.

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