Monday, February 28, 2011

Mucus Monday

Help. I'm hip deep in snot. Please send more kleenex and some waders ASAP.

Poor 3ft has a virus. Which means he stayed home from school today. Which means I didn't get my walk in this morning. However, necessity is the mother of all invention and with my nifty spiffy new pedometer attached to my sweats, I jogged around my apartment for 40 minutes. And in that 40 minutes I jogged 3.537 miles or 7,463 steps.


3.5 miles is a 5K.

Holy crap I just jogged my first indoor 5K in 40 minutes. That's about 11 minutes a mile. I'm totally ecstatic! *does a booty shake*

Now if I can just quit stress eating the Jelly Belly's on my counter all would be well with the world. So far I've avoided them for an hour and a half as I stopped eating them to jog and then I've been chugging water and ignoring them since I got done.

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