Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trudging Tuesday

I am still mired in the muck of mucus without a pair of waders. I will be absolutely amazed if I don't catch what 3ft has with the amount of snot he is producing and the exponential times I've had to man the tissue as he blows his nose. My hands are chapped from washing them so much and lotion doesn't have a chance to help because before it can soak in I've had to hold his snot and wash my hands again.

Envy me. I have all the fun. No, really, I do. I know you're all jealous.

Have I mentioned how much I love my new pedometer? I super heart it. Without even trying, I walked over 5 miles. I'd tell you how many steps that was but 3ft found my pedometer thought it was pretty cool, started pressing buttons, and wiped out my display. Yes, he's still living but just barely. It's pretty cool to just wear it all day and see how far you walk. My plantar fascia is acting up again so I didn't jog today but I walked quite a bit. Can you imagine how awesome that number would've been if I'd jogged? Over 8 miles. Crazy.

Hopefully my foot feels better tomorrow so I can make that happen. It'd be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Hope 3ft gets better soon!! Yay for pedometers!

June Kramin said...

I used to wish I had one when I worked at our coffee shop. I knew I put in miles in a day running to the back room!
Hope things return to normal soon.

Lisa Dovichi said...

Turkey -- yeah me too. I'd rather be doing my swimming in the pool. LOL

Stalker Bug -- yeah it's amazing how far you walk without really realizing it. It is so awesome, I'm wishing now I'd gotten one sooner. :D