Saturday, April 23, 2011


...I did it again.

NO! Do not cue horrible Brittney Spears music here, please!!!

Let me explain. Every year for every holiday, I start shopping early. You know, so it's not so financially painful. And EVERY year for EVERY holiday, I squirrel stuff away and forget how much I actually have until I put it all together.

And this year is NO different.

The Easter Bunny is being VERY good to the boys this year. They have so much crap it's over flowing their baskets...


(Now in all fairness The Little People's Farm is from Nana and Papa they just had me pick it up for them and the Lego Starwars III The Clone Wars game they got 3ft isn't here yet because they picked it up)

And on top of that we're adopting a dog. Yes. A. Dog. So 3ft is having like the best Easter ever because he's been wanting a dog since he could say the word, "Dog." The best part is that we've known the dog since she was 6 weeks old -- an Easter present for my sister (notice a trend?). Well 8 years later my sister has to move and can't take her dog with her. So we volunteered to adopt the dog. 3ft doesn't know. It's going to be epic to watch his little boy face light up.

The cool thing is that I'll definitely get my walking in every day because I'll be taking the pork chop for walks. Pork Chop is what I christened the dog when she became a potbelly pig of a dog. It's also what 3ft calls her so to this day anytime I serve pork I call it chicken. I will not be responsible for the therapy 3ft would need if he thought we ate the dog, you know? So the Pork Chop and I shall be slimming down together.

Someone out there please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...



JLC said...


We went a little overboard for Easter this year too. Eh.. they are kids only once in their lives. :)

Lisa Dovichi said...

That's what I say when my Andrew gives me crap about how overboard I've gone AGAIN! LOL

June Kramin said...

As much as the words "AWer" & "Normal" do not go together - this is normal. I took every chance I could to spoil my kids rotten. You go girl! :D