Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surviving the Pork Chop

The Pork Chop

Last night was MUCH BETTER than the night before. This is what happens when you implement the things you learn!

We did NOT try to make her sleep in her crate last night. So there wasn't FOUR HOURS of digging, crying, yelping, whining, banging the door of the crate, and any other freaking noise that the Pork Chop could come up with. Because we severed her water supply at 7:30 AND didn't try to make her sleep in her crate there wasn't the drinking binge at 3 in the morning that produced a 5:30am need to potty. Which means we didn't have an accident this morning because I wasn't quick enough to get my slippers and sweater on to take her out.

The licking and itching are driving us nuts but that's not her fault per se. She has allergies and her meds ran out right before we got her. So we're waiting for them and then that should solve that problem. Hopefully.

Sunday night, I would've said, "We've made a mistake."

Last night, It's more like, "Maybe we can do this after all."


June Kramin said...

Hang in there! She's a cutie. And if she needs meds, it's not her fault... you'll get through it & she'll reward you!

Ruth Cooke said...

Give it a week or two, Lisa. As for the allergies, do you know what she's allergic to? If so, maybe you could limit her exposure to it.

Turkey said...

Aww.. PC is making adjustments to a new family too. Hope your nights are more restful from now on!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who noticed that you managed to get licking, itching and nuts all together in one sentence?

Fully. Awesome.