Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bunny-Shaped Silicone Baking Pan

I love the day after Easter. Actually, I love the day after every holiday because that's when Target marks everything down 50%! Hooray for clearance -- things I can live without for full price suddenly become necessary for my continued breathing at half price (and don't even get me started when things are 70 - 90& off).

I went to Target yesterday for a particular bunny-shaped silicone baking pan. I'd been eyeing it since February when they put out the Easter stuff. I don't know how many times I picked that bad boy up and then put it back thinking, "I can wait til clearance. I can wait til clearance." It became my Target mantra. So I went back, headed straight to the Easter baker aisle and...

couldn't find it.

I scoured the aisle and it was no where to be found. A woman with her daughter walked down the aisle and made idle conversation about how adorable Snugglebear was and how I was in for a whole new level of "fun" with having a daughter. She shared "encouraging" stories about meltdowns over dresses and shoes. I laughed like I was supposed to and moved on. We bumped into each other again at the price scanner. I'd found a couple of other pans, that while cool, were NOT the pan I'd come for. She, however, was scanning a bunny-shaped silicon baking sheet!

Wait, it gets better.

So, I ask, "Where did you find that?" She points vaguely in the direction I'd come from and then promptly tells me, "But it was the last one."

Wait for it... gets even better.

I make crunch face and good naturedly whine about how that pan was the only reason why I'd come to Target. She holds the pan out and says, "I'm on the fence about it. You really wanted it, go ahead."

Nope. Not Done. Gets. Even. Better.

"Are you sure?" I asked. She put it in my cart while saying, "Yeah, I probably won't even use it."

Did I leave with the pan?

No. I did not.

She started talking to me again, this time about donut makers and other various cooking gadgets. Then she said, "You know, I feel like an Indian-giver but I really want the pan back. I think I will use it after all." And before I could stage a protest she snagged it back out of my cart.

Possession is 9/10 of the law and at that point what could I say? She had found it fair and square and just because she was THE DEVIL and let me think for ONE minute it was mine only to RIP it from my grasp didn't mean I could punch her in the face and run with it. Not that the thought hadn't crossed my mind but I had Snugglebear and my cart veered to the left when I pushed it. No telling what would've happen if I'd have tried to make a break for it and the pan wasn't worth the risk of Snugglebear (almost, but not quite -- it was a pretty awesome pan).

So I bought the other two pans I'd found. One that makes little square cakes (the batter amount of a cupcake -- they're so cute) and a donut pan (which I almost didn't get because it's what lost me the bunny-shaped silicone -- that damn pan was what prompted the next round of conversation). And being the freak that I am, I had to try both of them out yesterday.

I made glazed vanilla cake donuts and square-cake banana bread. Then to round it off I made banana-nut biscotti (I had a small mountain of bananas rotting on my counter). So the Husband will be beloved by his fellow employees because I sent it to work with him today.

Wouldn't bunnies have made this so much cuter?

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