Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

This year we went to my mom's house for Easter. 4ft was worried about it (normally we do Easter at ours) until I explained that the Easter Bunny was all-knowing and that he knew we were going to be at Nana's and would hide our eggs and bring our Easter baskets there. He was reassured but now the husband and I had to figure out how to get the stuff to my mom's under the watchful all-seeing eyes of the 7-year-old. We wrapped it all up in the "picnic blanket" the ginormous old comforter we use to have carpet picnics and when 4ft asked why were taking it, I was quick on my feet, and said, "Because we're having a picnic at Nana's for late lunch/early dinner!" (hooray for fast thinking and it wasn't lying because we did in fact have a picnic.)

The Easter Bunny was particularly good to the kids this year:

In order of appearance: 4ft, Grumpybutt, Snugglebear

Then we went egg-hunting. We had to keep reminding 4ft the eggs in the grass that took no effort at all to find were for his brother and he had to find the harder ones.

And after we made sure that we had in fact found all the eggs the boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing their DS's in a tent in my mom's backyard. (The Grumpybutt inherited 4ft's old DS when 4ft bought his 3DS after saving up his allowance for three and a half months.)

We had delicious barbecue ribs, chicken, and hot dogs along with potato salad and deviled eggs. Then we munched on cupcakes and had blueberry pie with ice cream. I ate some of everything without guilt but now it's time to get my body back after having Snugglebear. I'm officially off the "take it easy" list and shall be working toward getting back in shape.

Wish me luck.

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