Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cupcakes and Easter Eggs

So in a whirlwind of activity yesterday I made my weight in potato salad (okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but I used a whole 5lb bag of potatoes and it nearly overfilled the biggest bowl I owned), lemon curd filling, Italian Meringue Buttercream, and lemon scented cupcakes for my Lemon Meringue Cupcakes. They turned out crazy delicious (of course the Husband and I shared one last night to make sure I wasn't going to poison anyone today).

Look! Frosting Sharks! (Can anyone guess what movie I'm parodying? There might be a prize in it for you if you're right.) I'm so totally proud of my fancy looking cupcakes with their candied lemon garnish. The picture doesn't do them justice because you can't taste the picture.

The boys and I also dyed Easter Eggs. I'd spent a little extra money on "Spin an Egg" egg decorating bowls in hopes to minimize the mess. I'd bought two so the boys wouldn't fight over the "cool" gadget. They worked beautifully and the best part is that I was able to save half the dye and half the glitter and I'll be able to use the bowls again next year. So, you know, total win.

The Grumpybutt was so cute using the "Spin Bowl". He'd put in an egg, I'd drop some dye on it, he'd push the button once -- barely spreading the dye and then start asking for another egg. So 4ft went back later when the Grumpybutt got bored of the new game and added more dye to them. Which was fine because the Grumpybutt blew through a lot of eggs pretty fast and 4ft didn't get to do as many the first go around.

Speaking of 4ft he made some UGLY eggs while experimenting with color. He'd put a bunch of different dye drops in there (purple and yellow together are particularly heinous -- I knew that already but he had to see for himself -- it was all very scientific), spin the egg, pull it out, and say, "Look at how ugly this egg is, Mom."

He was very proud. So we dumped a lot of glitter on them and when they dried they didn't look as bad. He just knows the Easter Bunny will be impressed. He's already decided which ones he's going to find and which ones his brother can find. We'll see.

Happy Easter!

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