Thursday, April 12, 2012

Food Montage 4/11/12

Yep, you see right. I ate Burger King tots and a Diet Coke for breakfast. Today is still a win because normally on Wednesdays (We go every Wednesday to hang out with our Nikki) I would've gotten a meal for both Grumpybutt and I, I would've horked down my meal and then I would've helped him eat his (he NEVER finishes anything). Today we split a meal. He ate the sandwich (if you can call taking three bites eating it) and half the tots and I ate the other half and drank a Diet Coke. I wrapped up the sandwich and brought it home instead of eating it (4ft likes to take them for lunch sometimes even if it has a couple little nibbles out of it).

That's one HUGE thing I have to work on. I hate wasting food. Hate it. So if the kids don't finish their food I feel compelled to eat it and then it feels compelled to go straight to my hips, butt, gut... whatever. I have to chant in my head it's okay to throw it away if you're full or save it for later to either eat or throw away. Hooray for today's success.

New rule of thumb: Eat when you're hungry stop when you're full. Sounds so simple really but I struggle with implementation. So this is the first hurdle I have to tackle for healthy living -- Bored Eating, Waste Eating, and Nonstop Eating are super UNhealthy. It's not what I eat but how much of it that's the problem.

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