Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adventures in Shopping

(Note: Zero Bunny Shapes silicone baking sheets were found or harmed in the following tale.)

Guess what?!

I GOT A NEW CAMERA! I've been talking forever about how I wanted/needed (okay more want than need but we won't tell the Husband that) a new camera. I'd been lusting over the Nikon Coolpix L110 forever. And just when it came down to a price I could live with paying (you know, not keeling over from a heart attack and having my plastic melt on contact) they came out with a L120. Naturally I liked it BETTER.

So... I watched my camera from afar, knowing someday, someday it would be mine. Every time we went into a store with an electronics department that had MY camera on display I would play with it and take pictures of my kids - dream it was mine - and then erase them and move on. Well the other day the Husband was looking through a Costco coupon book and low and behold MY camera was $90 off. Hallelujah! I went and bought it this weekend.

But as with everything I do it can't be that uneventful.

Naturally I had to play with the display model for a minute (it was still a chunk of change and I wanted to make sure it was the one I really wanted. Okay let's be honest, I was going to buy the sucker anyway but it was going to be awhile before I got home so I wanted to play with it while knowing oh yes it would be mine, oh yes). This guy walks up and is waiting his turn and he starts talking to me. (I don't know why people start talking to me in stores -- it happens every. single. time.)

I finish up with the camera and hand it to him and he starts asking me questions about it. Dude, I don't know technical stuff. I don't know how it w

orks or what buttons do what. I just know when I point at my kids and click they turn out super cute in the view finder. That's all I need to know (pretty much I have the Husband to make sure it's actually a good quality camera well that and Nikon is a pretty good brand). I have more shopping to do before we have to pick 4ft up from karate but I don't want to be rude so I'm trying to end the conversation and edge away.

He finds my kryptonite and starts talking about how cute my kids are while taking pictures of them with the camera. Now I'm stuck. One, I love talking about how cute my kids are (what parent doesn't?) and two, he's taking pictures of my kids like a creeper with a store display camera. So, I have to stay and converse with him t
o make sure that the pictures get deleted (I don't know if anyone else would think it was a big deal but I don't want pictures of my kids on a display camera where some OTHER creeper can be looking at them - Anytime I post pictures of my kids, they're nicknamed and private only my friends can see them. So I believe anyways).

Sure enough he takes a ton of pictures and even some video of my kids and then decides he wants a smaller camera and walks away without deleting anything. Grrr face. I pick up the camera and delete all the pictures and then ha
ve to race around Costco to get the rest of my shopping list. But...

SCORE! I got the camera. And yesterday's food montage is brought to you buy my fancy, sparkling, awesome Nikon Coolpix L120.

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