Thursday, July 12, 2012

Detox - Day 4

You know the detox must be working when you want to eat your cinnamon flavored toothpaste, right?

So far yesterday has been the hardest day. I struggled with stress eating. I did NOT succumb. I might've woke up headache free but by the afternoon it was raging. It was ROFL'ing at my attempts to medicate and make it go away. I wanted sugar so baaaaaaaad. When I brushed my teeth I seriously thought about eating some toothpaste. Who cares if the fluoride would make me sick? I was dying already from sugar withdrawals. No I did NOT actual eat any but I kid you not that the thought crossed my mind.

I don't know if was just Day 3 or if it was the circumstances but I struggled from lunchtime on yesterday. I swear my husband's job WANTS me to be fat and unhealthy. I got a text with all the overtime my husband is going to have to put in and how many weekends he's going to have to work which equals no car and no weekend help with our kids.I got steamed. Then I got stressed. I kept chanting, "I will not stress eat today." and it worked. I didn't. But it was an uphill battle from then on. The siren's call of sugar kept beckoning to me. I resisted. But dear bob was it hard. My husband helped a little by saying he hated the overtime more than he hates broccoli (which is a lot, the man will NOT eat it) but it was still weighing on me.
Don't I look delicious?
So to help out with the sugar cravings I had a second Iced Coffee yesterday and on top of the much anticipated date I had with my Fudgecicle, I also made a peanut butter ricotta custard. I was still hungry and I don't think I got enough fat yesterday. So I creamed together 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta, TBS of natural peanut butter, dash of vanilla extract, and a TBS of Splenda. It was pretty good and filled the need for sweet and I was full after having eaten it. 

I already have a headache today and the toothpaste is still looking pretty good but I WILL NOT succumb. I WILL master this addiction. I will stick with this. I CAN do this for 2 weeks. And when its over I WILL NOT eat cake. I will have banana ice cream. (frozen bananas creamed in a food processor -- looks like soft serve, tastes like heaven, 100% fruit. AMEN!)

Yesterday's Food

Scrambled eggs w/chives
a slice of Canadian bacon
6 oz of V8
Vanilla Iced Coffee
(I'm going to make quiche today for breakfast tomorrow. I already ate this morning -- and yeah it was this breakfast. It's quick, it's easy, and the kids like scrambled eggs. Of course they have theirs with a cinnamon roll. TALK ABOUT WILLPOWER, right? I haven't eaten a single one. And with my acute sense of smell and having extreme sugar withdrawals the smell when I open the container is torment.) 

Yep. Vegetarian Chili
big salad w/ oil and vinegar
Iced Green Tea
Such a GREAT idea. Guacamole INSIDE a mushroom!
Deviled mushrooms
Celery sticks
Iced Green Tea

Leftovers from Last night. The pork tenderloin, grilled asparagus, and big salad.
Vanilla Iced Coffee (while I made a noodle side dish for the boys. More WILLPOWER! Nary a pasta noodle passed these lips.)
Iced Green Tea (with dinner)

The Blessed Fudgciscle
Peanut Butter Ricotta Custard

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