Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reevaluating Priorities and DIY Crafts

How's that for a blog title? Awesome, I know.

So... I got on the scale again this morning after following my routine yesterday and I lost a smidge of the pound I apparently really did gain in SeaWorld. I first started justifying that perhaps I made some new muscles,  perhaps I'm just bloated, perhaps I'm standing on the scale wrong, and then I just stopped. Was I saddened by the lack of weight loss while I was away? Yes. Did I do the best I could with the food choices I had? Yes. Am I doing this to be healthy and give my kids a good role model? Yes.

The weight loss, while totally desirable, is really just a happy bonus and I needed to wrap my brain around the concept again. If I continue to eat healthy, if I continue to exercise, if I continue to set a good example for my kids, I can't help but to lose weight in the long run. So I had to have that pep talk with myself. Again. I'm sure it's probably not the last time either. I get so wrapped up in the dropping numbers I lose sight of why I'm really doing it.

Remember this picture?
My new DIY shame
Well, I finally got started!
LOTS of spray paint later -- oh look you can see my shadow.
The paint sticks now look like this after a couple coats of primer and a LOT of coats of white. Next, I'm going to do some fancy design of some sort on them. I haven't fully planned it out yet. I just wanted to get them ready while the hubs was home so I could spray paint outside without the kids trying to help me and inhaling toxic fumes. Weeee... paint fumes. 

Aren't they pretty?
And now my shoes are all blinged out. It took me HOURS with tweezers and super awesome glue to do each individual little gem. Of course I had to sort them by color, and then put them in flower formations, and then glue them on. I think for a first go of it, they turned out pretty fabulous. 

4ft got in on the fun too. Last summer, I think, maybe even the one before that (so old the paint was dried out and no good), 4ft bought a treasure box to paint. And he never got around to doing it. So when I started crafting this afternoon he wanted to do the treasure box. He did it all by himself. I think it turned out great!

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to posting some SeaWorld pictures.

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